The Real Dragon Chapter 3545

Lord Banks had been oppressed by Charlie wade’s strong aura for two days and had knelt on Wade Ling Mountain all night, his whole body had already known how many times he had broken down, now that Charlie wade had been a little lenient with him, he couldn’t help but start to be grateful in his heart.

        Charlie wade waved his hand and said to him, “All right, there is no need to say words of gratitude, just keep it in your heart, you should hurry back, it is just the right time to gather the manpower that will go to Madagascar with you in the future in these two days.”

        “Good, good ……” Lord Banks nodded his head like a garlic and said offhandedly, “Then I will go back first! If you have any orders, Mr. Wade, directly have Zara convey them to me, I will definitely do so!”

        Charlie wade nodded his head and said to Stephen Thompson, “Housekeeper Stephen, you should drive it.”

        Stephen Thompson immediately said respectfully, “Yes young master.”

        After saying that, he made a gesture of invitation to Lord Banks, “Master Banks, this way please.”

      Lord Banks thanked him profusely and followed Stephen Thompson out of the hotel room.

        In the room, only Deana and Zara’s mother and daughter were left at this time.

        Charlie wade was about to talk to Zara about the capital increase for Isu Shipping, and by the way, about the next idea of Isu Shipping’s development into Europe, but Deana spoke up at this time, “Charlie wade, you’re going back to Aurous Hill tomorrow morning, right?”

        Charlie wade nodded: “Yes, Auntie Deana, first thing in the morning.”

        Deana asked, somewhat unkindly, “Then can auntie go back with your plane?”

        At this time, Deana had already made Aurous Hill her first choice for her future life, and the small house where Charlie wade’s parents had once lived had been refurbished by her, so to her, living there was the best place to stay.

        Charlie wade knew of Deana’s feelings for her own father and admired her long-standing love and courage to love and hate, so he said without hesitation, “No problem, you can stay at the hotel with Zara at night, and I’ll have someone send you to the airport first thing tomorrow morning.”

        Deana smiled faintly and said, “I won’t stay here, I’m going home to see my parents, I’ll go to the airport myself tomorrow morning.”

        Zara asked, “Mom, you’re going to Grandpa’s house? Then I’ll go too.”

        Deana smiled, “You don’t have to go with me, isn’t your grandfather going to hold a family meeting tomorrow, you as the new family head will definitely have to attend then, it will be hard for Charlie wade to take you back to the Banks family first.”

        After saying that, she looked at Charlie wade again and requested, “Charlie wade, it will be hard for you to give Zara a ride in a while.”

        Charlie wade nodded and said, “No problem Auntie Deana, I still have some business to discuss with Miss Banks, I will send her back to Su’s house safely after we finish talking, don’t worry.”

        Deana nodded and smiled, “That’s good, then I’ll leave Zara to you.”

        Charlie wade then said, “Then tomorrow morning at eight o’clock, I’ll see you at the airport.”

        Deana smiled and said, “Okay, see you at the airport.”

        Seeing that her mother had left, Zara then looked a little uneasy.

        When there were many people, she was not uncomfortable in front of Charlie wade, but now that she was alone in a room with Charlie wade, she only felt her heartbeat speeding up, and the sound of her heart beating could even be heard clearly.

        Yesterday, when Charlie wade was on Wade Ling Mountain, conquering the entire Ten Thousand Dragons Hall by himself, Zara watched it all from the sidelines.

        Originally, she had already fallen deeply in love with Charlie wade, but to her surprise, after yesterday, her love for Charlie wade had long since penetrated to the marrow of her bones, and her heart and mind were almost full of him.

        At this moment, she was alone with Charlie wade again, so naturally her heart was racing and she could not help herself.

        So, she blushingly looked at Charlie wade and softly asked, “Your Grace …… you …… what else do you want to see me about?”

        Charlie wade smoothly said: “Oh, is the matter of the Isu shipping, after your side of the capital injection is completed, I plan to expand the fleet in addition to invest in several ports in Europe, it happens that Helena will soon ascend the throne, after she ascends the throne, we will be her first project to attract investment to Northern Europe, directly from Northern Europe to do the cut, to the whole of Europe radiation, you see how? “

        Zara blushed and pursed her lips, looking at Charlie wade’s angular face, she said shyly, “I …… I’ll do whatever my benefactor says ……”

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