The Real Dragon Chapter 3547

After saying that, Zara said seriously, “In this way, I can stay in Aurous Hill from Thursday night until early Monday morning, and if I work hard and get up earlier on Monday, I can take off at five o’clock and go back to Eastcliff at six o’clock, and after landing at eight o’clock, I can take a helicopter and go directly to Bank’s Group, so I won’t miss my work at nine o’clock.”

        Charlie wade couldn’t help but stammer after hearing this and sighed, “Your schedule is a bit too full.”

        “Never mind.” Zara said firmly, “I’m in particularly good health now, so this little thing doesn’t matter.”

        After saying that, she looked at Charlie wade bashfully and said in a pleading tone, “Your Excellency, apart from my mother, you are the only friend I have in Aurous Hill, so if I come to you for fun, you can’t refuse me.”

        Charlie wade nodded and casually agreed, smiling, “As long as time allows, there is definitely no problem.”

        “That’s good!”

        After receiving the answer she wanted most, Zara finally breathed a sigh of relief.

        Charlie wade looked at the time and spoke, “It’s getting late, I’ll send you back to Banks’s house first.”

        Zara was busy asking, “Is your Grace going back to Wade’s house at night?”

        “No.” Charlie wade said lightly, “I’ll go back to my uncle’s house, I feel more at home there.”

        Zara recalled Stephanie and Charlie wade’s engagement to Stephanie, and nodded with a sudden understanding.

        Charlie wade asked Isaac Cameron to prepare a car for himself, and then drove alone, driving Zara to the Banks family villa.

        On the way, Zara quietly surveyed the side of Charlie wade’s face and wanted to say something several times, but finally held back.

        It was only when Charlie wade drove the car to a stop outside the Banks family villa that Zara opened her mouth and said, “Thank you for what happened between …… my parents. If it wasn’t for you, my dad would definitely not have agreed to divorce my mum… …”

        Charlie wade asked her, “You want your parents to get a divorce?”

        “Mm.” Zara nodded and said, “Both of them are living a less than happy life, and this kind of marriage that exists in name only, it is better to end it while it lasts.”

        She said, she couldn’t help but sigh: My father must have lived a particularly stifling life for so many years, his own wife and himself in the same bed, always in love with another person, this if any other man, I’m afraid it would be very difficult to accept ……”

        The fact is that if you were to evaluate the marriage between Zara’s parents from a completely objective point of view, he would also feel that it was her mother who was at fault for the marriage.

        But the man her mother loved dearly was her own father, so this left Charlie wade at a loss as to what to say.

        At this time, Zara looked at Charlie wade and saw that Charlie wade had also turned his face sideways, at the moment when the four eyes met, she hurriedly turned her head and looked at the front of the car, and said softly: “In fact, it was not easy for my mother to spend the year like this, after all, the other half who was with her was not the one she really loved, even if there was no resentment in her heart, it must have been inevitable that she was disappointed. ……”

        Said, she plucked up the courage to look at Charlie wade, seriously said: “In fact, in the past, I could not quite understand what my mother did, the heart would also feel that it was she who had failed my father, even if the two of them had words before they got married, I also felt that my mother should not have been so stingy with my father in love …… “

        At this point in the conversation, Zara gently lowered her eyelids and said quietly, “But ever since I met you, my benefactor, I’ve been able to understand my mum more and more …… She must have been just like me now back then, falling in love uncontrollably with a man who was begging for more… …”

        Charlie wade coughed twice: “Ahem …… isn’t it a bit hasty to say such things now ……”

        Zara shook her head, looked at Charlie wade and said seriously, “Things are indeed like that, but I won’t be the same as my mother, if I were in her shoes, I would rather not get married for the rest of my life than marry a man I don’t love.”

        After saying that, she stared at Charlie wade, the small cheeks on either side of her face puffed out slightly, and said seriously, “Charlie wade! If I become a big old leftover girl in the future, or even end up alone, don’t doubt it, it will be because of you!”