The Real Dragon Chapter 3550

Lord Orrin’s words made Charlie wade instantly alerted.

        The identity and situation of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall was indeed special, in the mainstream world, mercenary organisations like this would always be given a grey tone, if the people had to choose a label between good and bad, then every mercenary organisation would undoubtedly be bad in the minds of the ma*ses.

        Right now, the outside world did not know about his own incorporation of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, but this matter could not remain a secret forever, and there would definitely be a day when it would be known.

        At that time, people’s disgust towards the mercenary organisation would be imposed on him as well.

        Thus, Charlie wade hurriedly asked Lord Orrin for advice, “Uncle Gu(Sun), do you have any good advice regarding the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall?”

        Lord Orrin smiled faintly and said seriously, “I have an idea, it may not be good or mature, and it will require certain sacrifices if it is really to be landed, whether it is feasible or not will depend on your trade-off, if you don’t mind, then I will probably talk to you about it.”

        Charlie wade nodded and said humbly, “Your life experience and personal ability are both much better than mine, I’m sure your solution is also much better than what I can think of!”

        Lord Orrin laughed, “No need to pat your back, I’ll talk to you about my ideas.”

        In my opinion, the greatest value of the Dragon Temple lies in its combat power, if the combat power is used in the field of mercenaries, naturally the income is higher, but it also faces the problem I just mentioned, that is, the social reaction and the public’s reputation is poor, since this is the case, then it is better to change the future business strategy of the Dragon Temple, so that it still relies on its own But on the one hand, as you said yourself, let them only cooperate with sovereign countries in the future and stand for justice and legalism enough, on the other hand, I think we can try to explore the field of international security, which has developed rapidly over the years and has a very positive reputation in the hearts of the people!”

        “International security?” Charlie wade was busy asking, “What is the main field of international security you are talking about, Uncle Gu(Sun)?”

        Lord Orrin smiled, “You are now going to vigorously develop ocean shipping, ocean shipping is one of the main areas of international security!”

        “Pirates are now rampant in areas such as Somalia, although many countries have escort fleets, but after all, the demand for international logistics is so great that it is impossible to secure every ship in place, so international security is very much in demand in this field;”

        “Generally, merchant ships pa*sing through pirate areas will hire several international security personnel, these international security personnel are responsible for protecting the ship safely through pirate areas, and can also counterattack when pirates board the ship, for ship owners and shipping companies, has gradually become a fresh demand industry;”

        “The Dragon Palace is strong, if you deploy a few thousand people to specialise in this field, you will certainly have no problem in terms of your own strength, and now that you have the Isu shipping, you can also satisfy your own related needs to a large extent in the future.”

        Speaking of this, Lord Orrin added: “I will reveal to you one more point, the countries that are now at the forefront of global economic development are actively cooperating with third world countries, especially in infrastructure construction;”

        “Companies that have gone to some backward regions in Asia, Africa and Latin America to undertake infrastructure construction are already numerous now and will become more and more numerous in the future!”

        “They basically rely on overseas companies for the construction of roads, railways, communications, power transmission grids and even water conservancy, and with poor economic development and poor security in their own countries, the safety of the employees of these overseas companies is hardly guaranteed there.”

        “At such times, international security personnel are also needed for effective protection, not only to safeguard the safety of overseas employees, but also to guarantee the progress of local projects, and the people on both sides are very favourable to this kind of international security, which, in our words, means that the ma*ses have a solid foundation!”