The Real Dragon Chapter 3551

“With so many third world countries and so many infrastructure projects around the world, the demand for international security must also be huge, if this project is carried out, it will solve the transformation of at least another few thousand, if not nearly ten thousand Dragon Hall generals, in this way, within a few years, the Dragon Hall will be able to complete its complete transformation.”

        “If in these few years, the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons can accumulate a large number of success stories, such as successfully repelling pirates, successfully repelling thugs and even illegal armed forces, repeatedly defending and saving the lives and property of the people as well as foreign-related enterprises, then the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons’ reputation will definitely become an international security company with a strong ma*s base as well as a popular reputation! “

        If you still need the Dragon Palace to do some unseen things for you, you must remove this group of people from the Dragon Palace in advance, so that there will be no negative impact on you and the Dragon Palace. Who can do anything to you?”

        Hearing this, Charlie wade’s heart was already a bit overwhelmed.

        At the same time, he also realised the huge gap between himself and a veteran entrepreneur like Lord Orrin.

        Lord Orrin’s sense of the big picture, control of details, and his sense of worry in times of peace and danger were all accumulated and cultivated through years of practical experience, and were all equally lacking in a young man like himself.

        The series of solutions he mentioned can be said to be able to completely solve the problem of the attributes of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall from the root.

        As long as it was managed properly, it would be possible to transform Dragon Palace from a grey-attributed mercenary organisation to a white attribute, and even an international security enterprise that was praised by the outside world.

        This, was a complete and utter whitewash!

        Thinking of this, Charlie wade said with great gratitude, “Uncle Gu(Sun), your suggestion is too good, after Wanbreaker arrives in Aurous Hill, I will tell him about your plan, so that he can follow these steps you mentioned and move forward quickly, in order to complete the transition in a short time!”

        Lord Orrin smiled, “I am just making some personal comments, as long as they are useful to you!”

        Charlie wade sighed, “That’s really useful! Thank you Uncle Gu(Sun)!”

        Lord Orrin laughed, “Why are you so polite to me? If you need my old bones in the future, just ask.”

        Charlie wade nodded and sighed, “I was originally worried about these tens of thousands of soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, there are still more than 10,000 captured soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall over in the Middle East, when the time comes, we will definitely have to get the other side to release all these people first, but after they are released, how to settle so many people is also a very tricky problem.”

        “But your suggestion just now is really good, I can first divide the soldiers of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons into three parts, one part will continue to work as mercenaries but reasonably and legally, another part will go to do international security for ocean shipping, first let them cooperate with the Isu shipping, after they have made a name for themselves, naturally many counterparts will come to them, and the remaining part will specialise in specific security for third world projects. “

        Lord Orrin smiled, “I have quite a few friends who have undertaken infrastructure projects in many third world countries, I think they must be in great need of security personnel, tomorrow I will call one by one to see if their demand is high.”

        As he said, Lord Orrin added, “By the way, if you do this kind of security work, you have to ask Wan Bajun to find a way to solve the problem of local legal gun permits, as an expatriate, you must never carry a gun without a permit, the majority of countries and regions are very sensitive to guns, if not handled properly, when the white ones will turn black!”