The Real Dragon Chapter 3555

        Seeing that he had changed the subject, Stephanie didn’t continue to be aggressive, so she followed his words and said, “Starting early next month, I’ll go to Canada first, with one show each in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa, and then head south from Canada to the United States, with New York as the first stop, and then west from the east coast to Chicago, Houston, and then to Los Angeles and San Francisco on the west coast. Probably tour North America for a month or so and then go to Europe after that.”

        After saying that, Stephanie looked at Charlie wade with bewildered eyes and said with a resigned expression, “Brother Charlie wade, once I start my overseas tour, I might not be able to see you for two or three months ……”

        Charlie wade comforted, “Isn’t it important for you to work, besides it’s another farewell concert, after you’re done with this tour, you’ll be able to stay in Eastcliff in a practical manner.”

        Stephanie nodded and said, “After I officially quit the entertainment industry, I’ll have to take over at Gu(Sun)’s Group.”

        After saying that, she looked at Charlie wade and said with a smile, “Brother Charlie wade, I have already thought about it, after I take over, I will first invest in a few projects in Aurous Hill, then I will run to Aurous Hill for three days, will you welcome me then?”

        Charlie wade smiled, “Sure, as long as you are willing, I will definitely welcome you!”

        Stephanie was busy saying, “Then let’s make a deal, when the time comes, you don’t dislike me because I’m getting old, and you’re not allowed to avoid seeing me.”

        “Okay ……” Charlie wade only had to agree.

        Satisfied, Stephanie drove the car all the way to the airport hangar, where the private plane given to Charlie wade by Lord Orrin was parked, and the Concorde next door had already taken off again for Northern Europe.

        This time, apart from Deana who wanted to go back with Charlie wade’s plane, Don Albert and Isaac Cameron also came over to rub shoulders with the plane.

        When Charlie wade arrived at the airport, they had been there for half a day. Deana was standing next to the boarding car with a small suitcase, while Don Albert and Isaac Cameron were standing at the door of the hangar quietly smoking.

        A staff member kindly reminded, “Both of you, smoke and fire are strictly forbidden in the hangar’s main area ……”

        Don Albert waved his hand dismissively: “Aren’t those two big engines on the plane just going by ignition? It’s fine, what could be wrong with these two broken cigarette butts of ours?”

        The staff said awkwardly, “Sir, this is not the same nature ah ……”

        Don Albert smacked his lips and said, “Tsk …… I said why are you a stick in the mud? Just turn your face away and pretend you didn’t see it?”

        Isaac Cameron stuffed the cigarette into his half-drunk mineral water bottle, patted Don Albert’s shoulder, and spoke, “All right, don’t make it difficult for others, put out the cigarette.”

        Although Don Albert was a bit unhappy, he didn’t say anything and threw the cigarette butt in as well.

        At this time, Charlie wade arrived at the door of the hangar by car, and as soon as the two men saw Charlie wade coming, they hurriedly stood up straight and waited respectfully.

        As soon as the car listened steadily, Don Albert hurriedly went forward, pulled open the pa*senger door and respectfully said to Charlie wade, “Young master, you’re here!”

        Charlie wade frowned and said, “Don Albert, don’t you always call me Master wade? Why have you changed your title?”

        Don Albert said, “Young master, you are now the master of the Wade family and the new master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, if you look around the world, who can compete with you? With your current distinguished status, how can I call you Master wade anymore ……”

        Charlie wade waved his hand, “Don’t, what honorable or not, you should still call me Master wade, I still prefer this title to ‘Master of the Wade Family’ or ‘Young Master of the Wade Family’.”

        Don Albert was still a bit embarra*sed, he always felt that this would be neglecting Charlie wade, but Isaac Cameron was much smarter than Don Albert and said respectfully, “Master wade, the plane is all ready to take off at any time, in addition Ms. Deana has also arrived, I just asked her to get on the plane to rest first, but she said nothing, she insisted on waiting for you to come before getting on the plane.”

        Charlie wade nodded and pointed at Isaac Cameron and said to Don Albert, “See, Old Cameron is much more up to date than you.”

        Don Albert smiled awkwardly, “Master wade is right, I am a big old man, how can I compare with Mr. Cameron, his brain is faster than a plane engine!”