The Real Dragon Chapter 3556

When Charlie wade saw Don Albert ridiculing Isaac Cameron, he couldn’t help but smile, remembering Lord Orrin’s advice about the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, he said with a feeling, “Don Albert, you also need to take some time to do more self-improvement, in the future, I think you should stop taking care of those matters in the Dao, and distribute them all to the Four Heavenly Kings under you, so that they can be fully responsible.”

        Don Albert agreed without hesitation and said, “Master Wade, I’ll do whatever you say, I’ll meet with them when I get back and leave all those matters to them.”

        Only after saying that, Don Albert asked with some embarra*sment, “Right Master Wade …… I’ve handed over all the matters, what will I do afterwards?”

        The reason why Charlie wade kept Don Albert around was because of this loyalty that Don Albert had for himself.

        Even if he didn’t know what he was going to do next or what he could do, he first agreed to what he wanted, which was far more sincere than an ordinary person.

        In the same situation, if it were anyone else, the other party would probably have asked what he or she was going to do next and then weighed the benefits and losses before finally making a decision.

        But Don Albert was truly obedient.

        Whatever he was told to do, he would do it, and as for the rest, he would do it first.

        So, Charlie wade seriously said to Don Albert, “Next I plan to let the Wade family increase some investment in Aurous Hill, and build Aurous Hill into the Wade family’s second home base, by then there will definitely be many big projects starting in Aurous Hill one after another, at that time I will find an errand for you, and you are guaranteed to earn more than before, and also earn more cleanly!”

        As soon as Don Albert heard this, he said with immense gratitude, “Master Wade …… thanks for your promotion! Don Albert is grateful!”

        Charlie wade waved his hand and instructed, “There is no need to always hang on to words of gratitude, just do your job properly.”

        “Yes! Master Wade!”

        Charlie wade looked at Isaac Cameron again, and saw that Isaac Cameron’s face was not half unhappy or jealous after hearing that he had given Don Albert a promise, and in his heart, he had a little more recognition of Isaac Cameron’s temperament.

        He then said to Isaac Cameron, “Old Cameron, in the future, the Wade family’s business in Aurous Hill will be largely handed over to you, and you should also expand the team in your hands.

        Isaac Cameron nodded his head very calmly and said, “Master Wade don’t worry, I will definitely expand the size of the team and upgrade the level of the team as soon as possible.”

        Charlie wade nodded gently, and then said to Stephanie, “Stephanie, you can see me off here, go back and tell Uncle Gu(Sun) and Auntie Angie on my behalf that I will visit them at home next time I come to Eastcliff.”

        Stephanie said with a reluctant face, “Brother Charlie wade, why don’t you board the plane first and I will wait for your plane to take off before leaving.”

        Charlie wade laughed, “Maybe we’ll see each other again in a few days, don’t make it sound like we’re parting from each other, I’ll feel more at ease if I see you drive away with my own eyes.”

        Stephanie nodded gently, “Alright then, Brother Charlie wade, have a safe trip, and give me a heads up when you arrive.”

        “Good.” Charlie wade smiled faintly, “Go back quickly.”

        Only then did Stephanie reluctantly leave.

        If Don Albert and Isaac Cameron weren’t here, she would have had to spend some time with Charlie wade, kissing and hugging him before she could let him go back.

        Charlie wade watched Stephanie drive away from the hangar before he turned around and went to the front of the boarding stairs, where Deana stood with her hands on her trolley case, smiling at Charlie wade and smiling, “The ride back to Aurous Hill wasn’t too much trouble for you, was it?”

        Charlie wade said, “Why not, Auntie Deana, come, let me help you carry your luggage.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade had already taken the luggage from her hand, and then made an invitation gesture to Deana and said respectfully, “Please go ahead, Auntie Deana.”