The Real Dragon Chapter 3558

The flight from Eastcliff to Aurous Hill takes just under two hours.

        When the plane landed in Aurous Hill, the time was only ten o’clock in the morning.

        Knowing that Claire was definitely not at home, Charlie wade had no intention of going home immediately. Instead, he had Isaac Cameron’s men send Deana back to the old mansion where Charlie wade’s parents had lived, and then went to Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace with Isaac Cameron and Don Albert.

        Today’s Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace seemed to be much colder than before, which was a great contrast to the always crowded scene at Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace.

        Charlie wade came to Isaac Cameron’s office, sat down and asked him, “Right, Old Cameron, why is Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace not as busy as before today? I’ve been here so many times, and today is the coldest.”

        Isaac Cameron said helplessly, “I heard from the people underneath me yesterday, not just today, in fact, in the past few days, the business of Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace has dropped drastically, many enterprises in Aurous Hill used to sign hospitality agreements with us, using our hotel as their regular business hospitality hotel, but before that, Wan Long Temple released the word to kill up Wade Ling Mountain, since then, they have all have terminated their cooperation.”

        Saying that, Isaac Cameron added: “After you subjugated the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, it was declared to the public that the Wade family had compromised with the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, and the news that the Wade family had been subjugated by the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple was all over the market these two days, so the business of Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace had plummeted quite a bit.”

        After a pause, Isaac Cameron explained, “In fact, more than half of the business of our five-star hotels relies on public cooperation, some travel agencies with cooperation agreements are on the one hand, those companies with business hospitality and conference needs are also on the other hand, as for the casual customers who stay in five-star hotels when they go out, in fact, there are still not that many, these companies have now drawn a line with the Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace. Now that these companies have drawn the line with Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace, their clientele has been cut by more than half at once, so naturally it seems very cold.”

        Hearing this, Charlie wade could not help but laugh: “These companies are really realistic. …… Even such a small cooperation has to break the contract, the contract spirit of these people is really too lacking.”

        Isaac Cameron nodded and said, “You don’t know anything about Master Wade ……”

        Charlie wade interrupted him with a stretch of his hand and said seriously, “Old Cameron, when you call me Master Wade, I always make a scene, just like Don Albert calling me Young Master, why don’t you call me Young Master, you’ve been calling me that for so long since I’ve known you, I’m used to it.”

        Isaac Cameron he laughed: “To be honest young master, I do call you Master Wade is also a bit awkward ……”

        After saying that, he hurriedly returned to the main topic and seriously said, “You don’t know, young master, before many of our local enterprises in Aurous Hill, they all want to get close to me, that’s why they signed a hospitality agreement with us.”

        “But in fact, the consumption level of our hotel is still very high, and many enterprises are sort of gritting their teeth to reach upwards to barely reach it.”

        “You take a company for example, if they use a fast business hotel for hospitality, it’s only a hundred or two hundred thousand a year, but when you replace it with our five-star hotel, it’s at least six or seven hundred thousand a year to hit the bottom, which is still quite a lot of pressure for them.”

        “Now that they feel that the Wade family is in decline, they definitely don’t feel the need to spend so much extra money to please me.”

        Charlie wade nodded and said indifferently, “Since that’s the case, then why not take half of the hotel’s rooms off the sales end?”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added, “From now on, stop selling all of the executive wing of Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace and leave the whole building behind, I have other uses for it.”

        “Good.” Isaac Cameron nodded his head without hesitation and said, “Then I will inform the management in a moment and immediately take down these rooms in all channels.”

        Charlie wade gave a hmph and said, “When Wan Breaking Army arrives, let the people from Wan Long Hall stay there first, and also leave a suite for Xion, and vacate twenty more rooms for me to do business hospitality, and let those professional managers from the Wade family come to Aurous Hill to report to me regularly in the future.”

        “Okay Young Master.” Isaac Cameron busily said, “I will immediately coordinate to replace all the staff in the administration building with my cronies, and at the same time strengthen the security management to strictly prevent outsiders from entering.”