The Real Dragon Chapter 3559

        “Mhm.” Charlie wade nodded and added, “When Wan Breaking Jun arrives, I will have him draw a five-star battle general from the Wan Long Hall and another thirty well-trained men over, then have them form a flexible and mobile security team in Aurous Hill under your command, the group of people under you, their loyalty is enough, their combat power is still a bit weak, with their supplement, the overall strength will have a qualitative improvement.”

        Isaac Cameron said respectfully, “Yes young master! When the time comes, I will also take this opportunity to ask the people of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall to help us cultivate some more talents out!”

        At this time, there was a knock at the door as well as a young woman’s voice: “General Manager Cameron, General Manager Quinton of the Quinton family and General Manager Wang of the White family want to see you.”

        Isaac Cameron said with some surprise, “How come Graham Quinton and Zeke white are looking for you at this time?”

        After saying that, he looked at Charlie wade and opened his mouth to ask, “Young master, do you think you want to meet them?”

        “Sure.” Charlie wade nodded and said, “People have come looking for us, how can we avoid seeing them.”

        Isaac Cameron was busy saying to the female secretary at the door, “Bring the people over.”

        “Yes, Mr Cameron.”

        A few moments later, the female secretary went and returned, and together with her, there were two other people, Graham Quinton and Zeke white.

        As soon as they entered, they saw both Charlie wade and Don Albert sitting on the sofa and were surprised for a moment.

        Graham Quinton was busy asking, “Master Wade, why are you here too?”

        Charlie wade smiled and said, “It’s not that I heard that something had happened to Mr Cameron’s old boss, so as soon as he came back, I rushed over to take a look too.”

        Graham Quinton and Zeke white were suddenly enlightened.

        In fact, the two of them were also here for this purpose.

        They had heard long ago that something big had happened to the Wade family, and since Isaac Cameron was not in Aurous Hill, they thought they knew that he must have gone to Eastcliff.

        Just now Quinton had heard from his own sources that Isaac Cameron had returned to Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace, so he hurriedly asked Zeke white to come over to take a look.

        When the two of them first entered Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace, they could see that the hotel’s business was much worse than before, and they knew the general situation well, so Zeke white said, “Mr. Cameron, the reason we came here is to strengthen our cooperation with Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace.”

        He said, “I’ve developed two properties in the suburbs, and they’ve sold well at the opening.

        Graham Quinton also said with a smile, “This year, thanks to Master Wade’s blessing, our Quinton family has a record supply of medicinal herbs, in the past we used to rush to various medicinal herb origins across the country to collect herbs, this year I plan to hold a medicinal herb exchange meeting directly in Aurous Hill, let these medicinal herb suppliers come to Aurous Hill with samples and prices to exchange on the spot, if they are suitable, we will sign on the spot, if not, I will reimburse them for the return trip. I will reimburse their return travel expenses and provide them with food and accommodation.

        Seeing these two people’s attitudes, Charlie wade’s heart grew a little more appreciative.

        Everyone else was avoiding Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace at the moment, but they were rushing to deliver business, so it could be seen that they really considered Isaac Cameron as a friend.

        So, Charlie wade smiled slightly and spoke, “Mr Cameron, since everyone is so supportive of you, let me also help out! Reserve your banquet hall for me for two days as well, I want to hold an auction!”

        Isaac Cameron was busy asking, “Master Wade …… what are you planning to auction off?”

        Charlie wade laughed: “I’ll say hello to Jasmine later and ask their Moore Family Jiqing Hall to bring out part of their collection to support the show, as for myself ……”

        Charlie wade said here, smiled self-deprecatingly and said, “I don’t have anything of value on me, I’m afraid the only thing I can take out is the Spring Return Pill, at most, I’ll refine a few amulets with my hands when the time comes, let’s see who’s willing to be that ingrate!”