The Real Dragon Chapter 3560

As soon as they heard that Charlie wade was going to auction the Spring Return Pill, everyone present took a breath backwards in shock.

        Isaac Cameron subconsciously said, “Master Wade, the last time you auctioned that Spring Return Pill at the Moore family, the sale price went to a high price of two billion, and that time you did it on the spur of the moment, those really big tycoons outside didn’t even know about it, that’s why it was auctioned by Travis Lane for two billion …… “

        The actual auction was held in advance, and if you do a good job of advertising and attracting all the top tycoons, then even if it’s five billion, it’s not a problem!”

        Graham Quinton, who was at the side, also said, “Yes, Master Wade! Your Spring Return Pill has long been famous among the rich and powerful in the south, and since Travis Lane took the Pill, he has become almost twenty years younger, and a man in his fifties looks as if he is in his thirties. People also say that he has been involved with men and women a lot during this period of time, and that he has had his hands on seven or eight female celebrities alone. …… Now there are many rich people who are dreaming of getting their hands on the Pill of Revitalization! If news of this spreads out, it is estimated that all the rich people in the country will come to Aurous Hill!”

        The first thing I want is for many people to think that Aurous Hill can’t be on the stage, so I’ll make these top tycoons rush to Aurous Hill! Many people now want to draw a line in the sand with the Wade family, so I will make them come to Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace to attend this auction!”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added: “This auction, the core lots are just three, the grand finale is a Spring Return Pill, followed by a Spring Return Pill divided into four portions, each of which will be auctioned separately, then three amulets, and for the rest, just let Wanting choose some random items from Jiqing Hall’s collection to come in and hold up the show.”

        When Zeke White heard this, he said with regret, “Aiya …… Last time when the Spring Return Pill was auctioned at the Moore family, I didn’t have that strength to compete with Mr. Travis, and at this auction, I think I won’t be able to get the Spring Return Pill even if I smash the pots and pans… …”

        Saying that, he hurriedly asked Charlie wade again, “Master Wade, what are the effects of the amulet you have refined? If it’s suitable, I will go to the auction and bid for one even if it’s my family’s money!”

        Charlie wade laughed: “The talisman is only to ward off evil spirits and disasters, and to change feng shui fortune, it certainly cannot be as beneficial as the Spring Return Pill.”

        Zeke White slapped his thigh: “It can ward off evil and change feng shui fortune, buy one and wear it every day, maybe business will become more and more prosperous! I will definitely find a way to get one back!”

        Charlie wade waved his hand: “The purpose of holding an auction is to earn money from outsiders, you don’t need to participate, the amulet is simple, I will make a few more and give one to each of you when the time comes.

        As soon as Graham Quinton and Zeke White heard this, they were both incredibly grateful.

        Both of them were fortunate enough to have been given the Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill by Charlie wade, and that effect had already benefited them immensely, and they were even more excited about the Spring Return Pill.

        However, they also knew their actual situation, both of them were barely at the level of tens of billions of dollars family in Aurous Hill, and most of their capital was pressed into various real estate and businesses, so if they really wanted to take out billions of cash to buy the Spring Return Pill, they simply did not have the strength to do so.

        Now although Charlie wade did not say that he would definitely give it to them if he died, but since Charlie wade had made this statement, it proved that the chances were high.

        So they all knew very well that going forward, they only needed to behave well in front of Charlie wade and do their best for him, then Charlie wade would definitely not treat them badly.

        At this moment, Isaac Cameron hurriedly asked, “Young master, then when do you want to set this auction to start?”

        Charlie wade asked him, “How long will it take to prepare for the preliminary publicity?”