The Real Dragon Chapter 3562

To the rich, the appeal of the Spring Return Pill definitely exceeded any other item in this world.

        However, in all the time before, Charlie wade had never treated the Spring Return Pill as a commodity.

        The only time he had auctioned a Spring Return Pill was only because Sam had been too pretentious at Jasmine’s birthday party, and Charlie wade had only taken out a Spring Return Pill to smack him in the face.

        As for the other Spring Return Pills, Charlie wade basically gave them away as favours to his friends and relatives.

        However, the current Charlie wade’s mentality had changed from before.

        Before, his desire to make money was not urgent, and he had never thought about how much money he wanted to make or to what height.

        However, now that he had become the head of the Wade family and had vowed to carry the Wade family forward, he had to think about how to turn all his resources, as much as possible, into profit as well as influence right now.

        It just so happened that he had been rooted in Aurous Hill for many years, and now he also hoped that Aurous Hill could take up the burden of being the second centre of the Wade Family, so by borrowing the Spring Return Pill and the auction, not only could he make a huge profit, but he could also raise the influence of Aurous Hill, which was definitely a two-for-one deal.

        At this moment, Isaac Cameron respectfully asked Charlie wade, “Master Wade, when the time comes, how should we place these two hundred places in the auction?”

        Charlie wade smiled, “Find a technical team and develop an official APP software, and let them sign up on our official APP when the time comes.”

        Isaac Cameron asked again, “Then in case there are very many people signing up, how should we select them? First come, first served or?”

        Charlie wade waved his hand: “How can such a fair and just rule as first come, first served appear in our app? We are open for business, of course everything is money oriented!”

        Isaac Cameron was confused: “Master Wade, then what do you mean ……”

        Charlie wade smiled: “Our APP, in theory, can be downloaded by anyone, but, if you want to sign up, I have two requirements:”

        “First, they must undergo our capital verification of them, only those with actual a*sets greater than ten billion RMB will be eligible to participate;”

        As soon as these words were spoken, the crowd’s expressions were all appalled beyond belief.

        Ten billion for an entry ticket? This threshold was too high! Even for the top high-end clubs in China now, their threshold for entry was only around one billion.

        Not waiting for them to recover from their shock, Charlie wade added: “Secondly, on top of this, we will select two hundred final places that can participate in the auction, from highest to lowest, based on the actual amount of the capital verification!”

        Saying that, Charlie wade explained, “That is to say, our ranking is not in any order of priority or first come first served, it is a simple and brutal measure of everyone’s strength. Whoever has the most money will be ranked at the top, and whoever doesn’t have money, or whoever isn’t rich enough and doesn’t make it into the top two hundred, then sorry, I don’t welcome him here.”

        The crowd was dumbfounded, and Isaac Cameron subconsciously said, “Master Wade …… has more than ten billion dollars, even the whole country can’t find two hundred ……”

        Charlie wade laughed: “Who said it’s limited to China? I will find some people from overseas to help promote the publicity, and I believe that those rich people from overseas will also flock to the event.”

        As he said this, Charlie wade thought of two suitable candidates.

        One was the old feng shui master Lai Qing Hua(Exoer), who was highly respected in the Chinese world in America.

        The other one is the Nordic Queen, who has just been revived by herself.

        Tomorrow is Helena’s enthronement ceremony, and all the royalty and top tycoons in Europe will be in Northern Europe to attend the ceremony. As long as the old lady speaks in front of these European tycoons, the elixir will certainly create huge waves in their hearts.

        At that time, I am afraid that the little Aurous Hill will become the centre of attention for the world’s rich and powerful.