The Real Dragon Chapter 3564

The inspiration triggered by the auction made Charlie wade exhilarated.

        After he left Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace, he did not go home, but went straight to the Emgrand Group to find Doris Young.

        At this moment, in his mind, there was a longer-term plan.

        He wanted to take this opportunity to strengthen the Wade family’s business layout in Aurous Hill.

        As long as he operated this auction smoothly, the attention of Aurous Hill would definitely rise rapidly, and at that time, the commercial value of Aurous Hill would also climb rapidly.

        At that time, land prices in Aurous Hill will rise, property prices will rise, inward investment will rise, and the overall consumption power as well as the level of economic development will also rise.

        Therefore, if the layout was done well in advance, it would definitely enable the Wade family to seize this opportunity to take off!

        Therefore, he was prepared to raise funds immediately and frantically hoard land in Aurous Hill, as well as make more investments in high-end service industries in Aurous Hill.

        Just like Las Vegas in the United States, not only are there a lot of casinos, there are countless high-end hotels, nightclubs and restaurants.

        If the casinos make money, these high-end supporting industries can also make a fortune.

        As for real estate, there was even less to say.

        Charlie wade even felt that he could develop a top-notch villa area in Aurous Hill and sell it for several times or even ten times the market price, starting from 500 million for a set and 50 million for a year in property fees.

        Don’t think it won’t sell, it won’t!

        This is because, as long as Charlie wade takes out an extra Spring Returning Pill every year and holds an internal auction, open only to these owners, then these villas will not be worried about selling at all.

        In short, as long as he did his best to publicize the value of the Spring Return Pill, it would have a continuous boost to the economy of Aurous Hill and the Wade family’s industry!

        When he arrived at Emgrand Group, Charlie wade took the chairman’s special elevator directly to the floor where Doris Young was.

        Once Doris Young’s secretary saw that Charlie wade had arrived, he hurriedly said respectfully, “Hello young master, are you looking for Vice Chairman Doris?”

        Charlie wade nodded and asked her, “Is your Vice Director Doris in?”

        “Yes.” The secretary spoke, “But Vice Director Doris is meeting a guest, so why don’t you wait in the parlour for a moment and I’ll go and brief her.”

        “Okay.” Charlie wade said indifferently, “Tell her not to rush and to finish the matter at hand first.”

        “Okay Young Master.”

        Charlie wade followed the female secretary to the meeting room next to Doris Young’s office, just as he reached the door, the female secretary pushed open the door and said to Charlie wade, “Young Master, you can sit for a moment, I’ll go and speak to Vice Director Doris.”

        “Okay.” Charlie wade casually answered.

        Just as he finished speaking, the door to the next room opened and Charlie wade suddenly heard a familiar voice coming from inside: “You stay here, Deputy Director Doris, I’ll just go by myself.”

        Charlie wade immediately recognised the voice, which turned out to be his wife Claire.

        At this moment, Doris Young said with a smile, “Mrs. Wilson, there is no need to be so polite, I will take you to the lift.”

        Immediately afterwards, Charlie wade saw his wife, Claire, walking out of Doris Young’s office.

        Seeing the side of Claire’s face, Charlie wade hurriedly entered the meeting room in a flash and closed the door immediately afterwards.

        And Claire just after the light saw a figure flash into the next room, and when he fixed his eyes to look again, he only saw Doris Young’s secretary standing in the doorway of the next room with a dismayed face, and asked in surprise to the door, “Young master …… you …… you all right?”

        Charlie wade did not reply, because he was afraid that even if he deliberately changed his voice, he would be heard by Claire.

        Doris Young happened to come out behind Claire at this time, and as soon as she heard her secretary mention the word young master, she hurriedly asked, “Xiao Li, what’s going on?”

        The secretary was busy saying, “Vice Director Doris, the young master is here, he said he was looking for you for something, but ……”