The Real Dragon Chapter 3567

Doris Young exclaimed, “Young master, investing 200 billion in one breath? Wouldn’t this plate be a bit too big ……”

        Charlie wade smiled faintly and said, “Since we want to grasp the first opportunity, then naturally the larger the scale of capital the better, otherwise we won’t be able to eat the meat at all, at most we will have two mouthfuls of soup.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added: “In the future, I am going to gradually turn Aurous Hill into a longevity capital, in addition to the Spring Return Pill auction, I also plan to engage in several longevity communities as well as supporting high-end commercial services, the threshold for longevity communities must be set infinitely high, so high that almost every owner must be a famous and wealthy person on the Forbes list to be able to do so, by then, as long as they live in I can give them a certain percentage of rejuvenation pills on a regular basis as long as they live in my urban community, for this group of people, one rejuvenation pill to a large bucket of water, and distribute a cup to each of them, would be enough for them to rush to.”

        Doris Young instantly understood Charlie wade’s meaning and busily said, “Young master, I have a detailed map of all the plots of land to be developed in Aurous Hill here, so you might as well look over it and see which plot of land you are more interested in.”


        Doris Young immediately turned on the interactive wisdom screen in the office and then opened a special map of Aurous Hill, on this map, various green areas of different sizes and rules were scattered all over downtown Aurous Hill.

        Doris Young pointed at these green areas on the map and said to Charlie wade, “Young master, all the green plots on the map are plots of land to be developed and available for sale, there are relatively few of them in the urban area and the area is relatively small, but from the new development area all the way to the suburbs, the supply of land is obviously much better.”

        Charlie wade nodded and pointed to the several plots of land in the urban area and said, “Any downtown, these few pieces that can be taken down try to get them for me, and be sure to pay attention to using the bank leverage as high as possible to maximize your available capital plate on hand, the Wade family and I will inject a total of 150 billion cash into you, you should strive to leverage at least three times and take 450 billion in cash out.”

        Doris Young said somewhat nervously, “Young master, if that’s the case, then our debt will be over 350 billion, and if we count the bank loans that Godhope Group originally took out for its development projects, then it will already be over 400 billion …… The real estate market has been in a slump now, and the policy has three orders not to allow speculation in real estate, is it not a bit dangerous for us to have such a high debt ratio under such circumstances?”

        Charlie wade laughed: “Firstly first point, we are not doing ordinary conventional residential development now, if we want to do it, we will do ultra-high premium luxury homes, so we will not go to inflate the price of ordinary housing in Aurous Hill, nor will we affect the trend of the ordinary housing market in Aurous Hill;”

        “Secondly, I’ll let you take these downtown plots, and in the future we’ll use them all for high-end commercial support, the Imperial Hotel we’re building is one of them, and then we’ll get a top clubhouse, a few notches higher than the Moore family’s Splendid Clubhouse, the kind that you can’t get out of without spending a thousand or eight million dollars. “

        “If I attract all those rich people to Aurous Hill, I will make sure that they can find a place to spend their money in Aurous Hill.”

        “Finally, the third point is that as long as we attract those rich people over, our project will definitely not lose money, and we will even make a huge profit!”

        Speaking here, Charlie wade said confidently, “What we want to do is the real estate project with the highest premium in the world, and we won’t screw the poor or the rich in general, but only the richest handful of people in the world! Let them willingly purchase a*sets in Aurous Hill at a premium of ten times or even a hundred times, and willingly become this ingrate!”