The Real Dragon Chapter 3568

 After hearing Charlie wade’s plan, Doris Young nodded his head and said, “Young master, I understand what you mean, when the time comes, I will have someone come up with a professional business plan, and even go and find an internationally renowned design studio to help us roughly design a blueprint, and make sure to start from the highest and grandest direction.”

        “Mm.” Charlie wade said, “I’ll leave this matter to you, I have three requirements, the first is that it must be fast; the second is that it must be good; the third is that it must be complete! Do you know the Dubai Mall? It’s the one that claims to be the biggest shopping centre in the world, what we want is their kind of feeling, but it has to be more high-end and refined than them.”

        “Understood!” Doris Young immediately said, “I’ll get started on this immediately.”

        Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction and added, “Other than that, it’s the matter of the high-end community.”

        After saying that, Charlie wade zoomed in on the map and found the vicinity of the airport, and then immediately saw several connected plots of land less than ten kilometres away from the airport in a straight line.

        This piece of land happened to be near the airport highway, so he said to Doris Young, “I think this area is good, it is close to the airport and next to the highway, although it is a different direction from the city, the traffic should be more convenient, after those rich people come by plane, they can get off the plane and arrive very quickly, very convenient.”

        Doris Young was busy saying, “These pieces of land are not much developed yet, the price should be relatively cheap, as for the traffic, because the surrounding area has not been developed much, so the highway has not set up an entrance and exit here for the time being, but we can communicate with the city and the traffic department, try to get them to build a new entrance and exit for the highway here for us, if If not, we can spend money to donate to build one, this is a small renovation on the basis of the original motorway, it won’t cost too much.”

        Charlie wade nodded and asked her again, “Then is there any other suitable place around here for a golf course? It would be best to develop it along with the golf course, with an equestrian venue, so that by then it will be directly next to our high-end community.”

        Doris Young said seriously, “Young master, there is a lot of unused land around here, and there are usually not many people or businesses going over there to develop, so a golf course is definitely not a problem.”

        “That’s good.” Charlie wade nodded and said, “Then, from today onwards, you should first talk to the bank about a loan, and I will also arrange for the Wade family to transfer money to the Emgrand Group.

        Doris Young was also extraordinarily excited and said out of the blue, “Young master, don’t worry, I will do my best!”

        Charlie wade smiled in satisfaction and said, “Right, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, a kid called Kirk wade will come over to report to you, that kid should still have two brilliance, you will take him with you when you take over the project.”

        “Kirk wade?” Doris Young was busy asking, “Is he from the Wade family?”

        “Yes.” Charlie wade said lightly, “A young man from a side branch of the Wade family, but he will be your subordinate when he comes, so you don’t need to give him a good face, just treat him like a donkey pulling a grindstone and force him to bring out all the levels and skills in his stomach!”

        Although Doris Young did not know who Kirk wade was, but looking at Charlie wade’s meaning, she also guessed that Kirk wade was probably punished by Charlie wade, that’s why he was arranged to come to Emgrand Group, so she nodded and said, “Young master, don’t worry, I will squeeze out all his value!”

        Afterwards, Charlie wade and Doris Young carefully studied the current situation of the land to be developed in Aurous Hill together, and divided out all the plots of land of interest before Charlie wade left the Emgrand Group.

        When Charlie wade came out of Emgrand Group, the lights were already on outside, and the city was bustling with cars and hustling.

        However, the people walking around him were not like Eastcliff, where everyone was very busy.

        In Aurous Hill, the pressure of life is not so great and the pace of life is not so fast, so you can see that there is still a bit of leisure and relaxation on people’s faces.

        However, none of these people coming and going, except Charlie wade, knew that the city of Aurous Hill would soon become the object of the world’s attention.

        At that time, this provincial capital city, whose economic development had been pulling crotches, and which could not even take first place in its own province as the provincial capital, would completely usher in a take-off!


        When Charlie wade saw that it was getting late, he bought ten one-kilogram gold bricks from a nearby Chinese gold shop by hand.