The Real Dragon Chapter 3570

 When Claire saw her mother’s aggressive and flattering appearance in front of Charlie wade, she was immediately helpless and couldn’t help but mutter, “Mom …… Why did you get in the spirit as soon as Charlie wade came back?”

        Elaine said: “Nonsense! I’m not in high spirits, I’ve been going crazy with idleness these past few days, and I’ve been waiting for my good son-in-law to come back and cook for him!”

        Claire sighed, “There’s not even an egg in the kitchen, what are you going to cook for Charlie wade?”

        “Huh? Is that so?” Elaine asked in surprise, “Are there no more dishes in the fridge either?”

        Claire rolled her eyes, “There are only two small cabbages left, so I asked Dad to use them for noodles this morning.”

        Elaine puffed up and cursed, “This Jacob, how can he eat the cabbages I bought, how outrageous!”

        Claire rubbed his temples: “Mom …… that cabbage is almost rotten …… Dad said if you don’t eat it, it will be rotten ……”

        Elaine hurriedly changed the subject and said, “Forget it, let’s order, Claire ah, you hurry up and see what’s delicious, order more back!”

        After saying that, she said to Charlie wade with a smile on her face, “Charlie wade, you must be exhausted after going out for several days, come, hurry to the sofa and rest!”

        Claire felt the difference, and although she was a bit helpless, she didn’t bother to argue with her mother, so she took out her phone, opened the takeaway app and started looking for food.

        Elaine, on the other hand, hurriedly greeted Charlie wade and sat down on the sofa, serving tea and pouring water, Charlie wade asked her several times to stop working, but she just wouldn’t do it, and froze on her crutches to make Charlie wade a cup of tea.

        After handing the tea to Charlie wade, she smiled and asked, “Charlie wade, how was your trip to Eastcliff this time? Did everything go well?”

        “Quite smoothly.” Charlie wade replied casually.

        Elaine was busy asking, “Aiya, you should have made a lot of money this time too!”

        Charlie wade casually said, “The employer this time, his hands were a bit tight on money, so he didn’t pay.”

        “Huh?” When Elaine heard this, she immediately said with righteous indignation, “What kind of person is this? If you don’t have money, don’t ask people to work! If you don’t have money, don’t ask someone to do a job!

        Charlie wade laughed, “I didn’t pay him, but he gave me something in return.”

        Elaine’s eyes, which had just dimmed, suddenly lit up again and she asked, “Good son-in-law, tell me what did the employer pay for?”

        Charlie wade casually opened the handbag he was carrying and took out a gold brick from it first.

        When Elaine saw the golden brick, she was surprised and said, “Oh my God! A gold brick! It says 1,000 on it… OMG, 1,000 grams!”

        Saying that, she quickly came back to her senses and blurted out, “The price of gold seems to be around four hundred, so this piece is only 400,000 ah ……”

        Charlie wade immediately took out another piece and stacked it with the previous one, saying, “It’s not like they only gave one piece.”

        Elaine clapped her hands in delight, “Oops! There’s more!”

        When Charlie wade took out another piece, Elaine was even more excited: “OMG, three pieces!”

        Immediately after ……

        “Oops, four more pieces ……”

        “Ma yea, there’s more? This is the fifth one, right ……”

        Every time Charlie wade took out a gold brick, Elaine was dancing with excitement, the look like an old demon who had finally waited for the meat of the monk.

        After Charlie wade had pulled out all ten gold bricks and arranged them in two rows, Elaine stared at the pile of shiny gold bricks with wide eyes and asked excitedly, “Good son-in-law, is there any more?”

        “No more.” Charlie wade said indifferently, “There are only ten bricks in total, I guess it’s worth about four million.”

        “Holy sh*t!” Elaine happily exclaimed, “If you want to talk about this 4 million alone, it seems to be a moderate amount, not too little, but not too much either ……”