The Real Dragon Chapter 3571

        When she said this, her eyes smiled into two slits and she held up a gold brick and danced around with her hands, “But to replace this 4 million with gold, it’s really quite shocking! This gold glittering look is too festive too!”

        Charlie wade nodded and spoke, “I originally wanted to exchange it for cash and bring it back, but then I thought about it, there is no reserve of precious metals at home, so I might as well keep these ten gold bricks at home as a deposit, it can also carry inflation.”

        Elaine nodded her head and said, “That’s right! The price of gold is the only thing that’s holding up now that house prices are not going up, and stocks are falling like dogs!”

        As she said that, Elaine looked at Charlie wade with some embarra*sment and laughed, “Aiya, good son-in-law, you can see that mum has never played with a gold brick in her life, this thing is shiny and heavy, it feels quite good, why don’t you give mum a piece so that she can play with it when she has nothing to do?”

        Claire was in tears and said, “Mom, have you ever seen anyone who has nothing to do with gold ……”

        Elaine said with a matter-of-fact expression, “Haven’t you heard anyone say that? Everything can be dished up! This big gold brick can be used as a dumbbell to strengthen your body when you have nothing to do.”

        Charlie wade immediately laughed and said, “You’re right, you can use it as a dumbbell!”

        Hearing this, Elaine happily hugged the gold brick in her arms and said happily, “Thank you, my good son-in-law!”

        Claire was busy saying, “Mom, this is a reward for Charlie wade, can’t you stop getting involved with it ……”

        Elaine discontentedly muttered, “Claire, this is a gift from Charlie wade to mum, it’s Charlie wade’s heart, why are you always spoiling the fun here ……”

        Claire seriously said, “I am not spoiling the fun, I am afraid that you will do something else ……”

        Charlie wade persuaded Claire at the side, “All right Claire, let mum take it and play with it if she likes, you should leave it alone.”

        Elaine hugged the gold brick and said to Claire, “Claire, people Charlie wade is fine with it, you should not nag here.”

        After saying that, she turned her eyes and looked at Charlie wade, smiling and said, “Charlie wade ah …… my good son-in-law …… that …… mother to discuss a matter with you? I’d like to discuss a matter with you?”

        He didn’t wait for Elaine to go on, so he asked her directly, “Mom, are you trying to say that it’s not convenient to have only one dumbbell, but two, one in each hand, to be suitable for exercise?”

        Elaine slapped her thigh and said excitedly, “Mom, you are a good son-in-law, you know me best! Don’t these dumbbells come in pairs? If I only have one, I might end up with one thick arm and one thin arm after a while ……”

         Take it away! Take both of them! You can have them all!”

        Elaine was so happy that she took a gold brick in one hand and happily sat on the sofa like an unstable man, swaying left and right.

        When Claire saw her like this, she was helpless and could only remind her, “Mom! You can’t sell this gold brick secretly!”

        Elaine was busy agreeing, saying, “Don’t worry, I definitely won’t sell it!”

        Claire let out a long sigh and said to Charlie wade, “Honey, I suggest you go to the bank tomorrow and rent a safe deposit box and put all these gold bars in the bank, it’s not very safe to leave them at home after all.”

        Elaine got angry and said discontentedly, “Claire, you’ve been insinuating about me all night, am I that unreliable in your eyes? How can I steal these gold bars that Charlie wade keeps at home?”

        Claire said: “Mom, I don’t mean that …… I think it’s not safe to keep so many gold bars at home in case of thieves ……”

        After saying that, he added: “The two pieces you have, I suggest you also deposit them in the bank, and if you really want to work out, I will buy you a pair of ladies’ dumbbells tomorrow.”

        “I don’t!” Elaine hugged the two gold bricks and muttered, “I’m going to use them and put them under my pillow at night!”

        At this time, Charlie wade winked at Claire and said, “Alright Claire, Ma can do whatever she likes, so don’t worry about it!”