The Real Dragon Chapter 3572

That night, Elaine’s hands never left the two gold bricks that Charlie wade had given her again.

        And because the Emgrand Hotel project had reached a critical stage, Claire had been very busy these days.

        When Charlie wade returned, he took it upon himself to drive her to and from work again.

        Early the next morning, Charlie wade dropped Claire off at the construction site of the Empire Hotel, and then received a call from Isaac Cameron.

        On the phone, Isaac Cameron told him that Wan Bajun had already arrived at the Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace Hotel with nearly 100 generals from the Wan Long Temple.

        Upon hearing this, Charlie wade asked Isaac Cameron, “Old Cameron, has the administration building been cleared out?”

        Isaac Cameron busily said, “Back to Young Master, it was emptied overnight last night, and the original occupants were compensated with double the room rate and arranged for them to be moved to other buildings.”

        “That’s good.” Charlie wade was satisfied and ordered, “In this way, you can tell Wan Bajun and the others to wait for me in the report room of the administration building first, I’ll go there now.”

        “Okay Young Master!”

        The Executive Building of Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace was itself for large business banquets as well as high-end business meetings, not only did it have a large number of high-end guest rooms, but also a huge report hall as well as numerous meeting rooms.

        Among them, the lecture hall was large enough to support an indoor conference with one or two thousand people.

        Charlie wade had asked Isaac Cameron to clear out the administration building, with the intention of using it as the headquarters base for the Dragon Palace in China in the future.

        Driving to Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace, Isaac Cameron was already waiting outside the lobby. When he saw Charlie wade arrive, he personally opened the car door for him and led him to the lecture hall in the administration building.

        At this moment, nearly a hundred generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace were sitting neatly inside, each with an expression of complete determination.

        When Isaac Cameron pushed the door of the report hall open and Charlie wade stepped in, Wan Bajun immediately stood up on reflex.

        Immediately afterwards, the remaining nearly one hundred generals also rose to their feet, looking in awe at Charlie wade who walked in with giant strides.

        When Charlie wade arrived in front of the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, Wan Bajun took the lead and knelt down on one knee, clasped his hands and raised his fist above his head, saying respectfully, “Mr. Wade, I have led the eighty-eight generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall to come to Aurous Hill to listen to your orders!”

        The other soldiers behind him also knelt down on one knee and said in unison, “At your service, Mr. Wade!”

        The only two who did not kneel on one knee were the white-clothed Tiger King, Lu Haotian, who had already been invalidated by Charlie wade, and the Green-eyed Wolf King, Jerold, whose consciousness had been sealed by Charlie wade.

        Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction, reached out to help Wan Bajun up, and said, “All of you brothers don’t need to perform this big salute, get up.”

        As Wan Bajun got up, the others also stood up one after another.

        Charlie wade looked at Wan Bajun and asked him, “How is the aftermath of your parents’ death being handled?”

        With a grateful face, Wan Bajun said to Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade, thanks to your generosity, my parents’ coffins were reburied yesterday in a cemetery in the western mountains of Eastcliff, thank you for your concern!”

        Charlie wade nodded slightly and said seriously, “Since your parents have been reburied, don’t toss them again in the future, and remember to pay respects at their graves every year at Qingming.”

        Here, Charlie wade sighed and said, “In fact, my situation is very similar to yours, for the past 20 years, I have not been able to go back to my parents’ graves to pay respects because of my status. “

        Wan Bajun nodded his head repeatedly and said ashamedly, “What Mr Wade said is true, when I was overseas all these years, whenever there was a Qingming Festival and the anniversary of my parents’ death, I was in great pain and blamed myself, and I will definitely not make the same mistake again in the future.”

        Charlie wade gave a hmph and asked him, “Have those few generals from the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons that I sent to Northern Europe returned?”