The Real Dragon Chapter 3575

Saying that, He  Zhiqiu(Ziva) added: “By the way, after the Banks Family Shipping Group was incorporated, we have started to send out ships normally, and we will also buy international security services for our own ships.”

        When Charlie wade heard this, he asked, “Do you know anything about the current international security companies? Where are their bases usually located?”

        He  Zhiqiu(Ziva) said, “Right now there are at least three hundred security companies in the global shipping market, of course the demand for armed escorts is highest along the Gulf of Aden, so everyone is setting up coastal bases along the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, some will even buy an old ship for renovation and transform it into a sea base capable of landing and taking off helicopters, right now most of the entire market is in the hands of the British, followed by the Americans, relatively few in Asia, and in terms of price, the Western escorts are a little more expensive than the Eastern ones, and their market acceptance is higher.”

        “I understand.” Charlie wade nodded his head and said, ” Zhiqiu(Ziva), send me the information of all our ships at this stage.”

        At this moment, Charlie wade had already made up his mind in his mind to let the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall strongly cut into the market of armed escorts, since the British could take more than half of the share, then naturally the Chinese could as well.

        Since he had made up his mind to do so, he would have to grasp both the ground and the sea, on one hand, he would have Wan Breaking Army find a way to establish bases along the coast of countries like Yemen and Saudi Arabia, and on the other hand, he would also have to be prepared for a sea base, so he intended to give Wan Bre Breaking Army all the information on the ships of the Isu shipping line, so that he could select the most suitable ones for transformation from them.

        After hanging up the phone, Charlie wade gave feedback to Wan Brejun on the situation he had gotten from He  Zhiqiu(Ziva).

        After listening, Wan Bajun immediately spoke, “Mr. Wade, we can get started with this business almost immediately, our soldiers, whether in terms of training level or combat strength and weaponry, are much better than those ordinary international security, so we can handle this kind of work with ease. It shouldn’t be a big problem to set up one or two forward bases of a few hundred people along the coast.”

        Charlie wade nodded: “That would be great, you guys start preparing these forward bases immediately, I’ll provide you with a cargo ship as a mobile base at sea, so that it can be officially launched soon! When the time comes, we will start with the merchant ships of the Isu Shipping!”

        After a pause, Charlie wade added: “As for the job of providing armed security in high-risk areas overseas, it should be easier compared to armed escort, as long as you find an employer, you can send a certain number of soldiers over according to the employer’s needs, I believe that the combat strength of your Ten Thousand Dragon Hall is certainly fine in that kind of third world country, and there is no need for additional training, so you divide the soldiers who are ready to transform into this field in advance, and send them over directly once you receive the project.”

        Wan Bajun said with some excitement, “Don’t worry Mr. Wade, my subordinates will immediately start making arrangements, and we will be able to solve all the preparations within two weeks!”

        “Good!” Charlie wade said with satisfaction, “As for the 10,000 or so captives you have in Syria, I will find a way to mediate to get them to release them, in addition, I also intend to help you seek to raise a 10,000-man rear base in Syria.”

        When Wan Bajun heard this, he was even more excited, and even his voice trembled a bit as he asked incredulously, “Mr. Wade …… you …… can really get them to release the captives, and also get them to allow us to prepare a rear base?”

        Charlie wade nodded and said seriously, “You need a place, they need protection and help, this kind of thing, it is just a matter of both sides taking what they need, as long as the terms can be negotiated, there is nothing impossible.”