The Real Dragon Chapter 3576

After hearing Charlie wade’s words, Wan Breaking Jun couldn’t help but ask, “Mr. Wade, how are you going to talk to them about this matter? I am worried that they no longer trust the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple now ……”

        Previously, when Charlie wade was in Syria to negotiate with the government forces on behalf of Hamid, he had branded the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple with the intention of being a parasite within Syria, so the Syrian side hated the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple once and for all, otherwise they wouldn’t have arrested all those 15,000 Ten Thousand Dragons Temple generals.

        Charlie wade, however, did not feel that this was a problem and said blandly, “As long as we capture the other side’s psychological expectations, the odds are that we will be able to negotiate, after all, there are no permanent enemies in this world, everything also depends on the size of the benefits involved.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added: “Now, the situation on their side has changed a lot, the opposition forces like Hamid, their defenses are now skyrocketing, not to mention them, even if it’s your Ten Thousand Dragon Temple, without super heavy weapons, it’s a fool’s errand to try to bring down Hamid.”

        “Moreover, the other opposition armies have now started to follow suit and imitate Hamid’s ways, and have started digging deep and accumulating food, strengthening their internal defences while building large permanent fortifications to store large amounts of supplies and ammunition.”

        “So in the future, it is foreseeable that the government forces have no way to take the opposition, but the opposition is also unable to leave the fortified fortress and conduct offensive battles on the outside, so they will definitely enter a state of mutual checks and balances where they can do nothing to each other.”

        After all, they can’t cower in the mountainous fortifications, they have to hold on to the capital, the major cities and the transportation choke points, which are all easy to attack and difficult to defend, so they will definitely be surrounded by insecurity for a long time. need some extra security.”

        Wan Bajun asked him, “Mr Wade, what you mean is that the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple will provide some security protection for the government troops in exchange for the use of their land?”

        “Right.” Charlie wade nodded and said, “If they have this need, then they can absolutely provide us with a piece of land, we will use it as a base and develop and build it vigorously, and also sign an agreement with them that if they are attacked, we will fully help them fight against the enemy, in this way, it will also be a protection for them.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added, “The recent incident in Afghanistan has shocked the whole world, so I think they must be very nervous in their hearts too.”

        There was a regime change in Afghanistan some time ago, and the opposition had officially unified the entire territory, and with this kind of previous experience, the pressure on the Syrian side’s defence must be very high.

        Therefore, this kind of situation would definitely be beneficial to them if they cooperated with Wan Long Temple.

        Wan Breaking Jun naturally knew the situation in Afghanistan very well, and nodded his head repeatedly, “Like you said, I also think that Syria is in dire need of a greater sense of security right now, and if we talk to them properly, the matter of the base should be able to land.”

        Saying that, Wan Bajun said with incomparable emotion, “In these recent years, my subordinate has been trying to find a suitable place for the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall to put down its roots, only that after trying for so many years, this wish has not come true ……”

        Charlie wade smiled faintly and spoke, “Then let’s try to help you guys get this problem solved this time.”