The Real Dragon Chapter 3578

The blueprint that Charlie Wade had drawn up for the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall made Wan Bajun extremely excited.

        Apart from leaving some of his elites based in Aurous Hill at Charlie Wade’s disposal, he himself planned to lead the others back to the Middle East immediately, intending to use his connections to build a few forward bases along the Gulf of Aden.

        A forward base does not require a large area or a high investment. Generally speaking, it is sufficient for a few dozen people to rest and standby for the time being, while at the same time storing some equipment and supplies and parking helicopters and speedboats.

        The size of a beach house is, at best, the size of a villa, and the requirements are not as high as for a villa, so it can be built very quickly and can be put into use almost immediately if a ready-made house can be found.

        Many overseas security companies have set up their own forward bases and transit bases along the Gulf of Aden, and there are even special companies that provide transit vessels in the Gulf of Aden to help different security companies transit their personnel in the Gulf of Aden.

        The entire armed escort industry was already very mature, and under this mature model, Wan Long Temple was spared the preliminary preparation work of expanding into the market, and by cutting in now, with Wan Long Temple’s powerful one-man strength, it would definitely be able to quickly gain a firm foothold.

        He then said to Charlie Wade, “Mr. Wade, if you have no other requests here for the time being, my subordinate will first take his men to the Middle East and hurry up to get the plan off the ground!”

        Charlie Wade nodded and asked, “When do you plan to leave?”

        Wan Xiaojun was busy saying, “The sooner the better!”

        Seeing his impetuousness, Charlie Wade didn’t hold back much and said, “If you are sure of your destination, I will arrange for an official plane to request a route now and send you there directly.”

        Wan Bajun also knew that time was money, so he did not hesitate to say, “Thank you, Mr. Wade, for your help in making the arrangements! My subordinate intends to go to Yemen first, after all, Yemen has the longest coastline in the Gulf of Aden and is most suitable for preparing forward bases, and I also have some local connections available.”

        “Good.” Charlie Wade immediately said, “Then I’ll have the crew apply for a route to send you to Yemen.”

        Wan Bajun nodded, turned around and looked at Lu Haotian, who was sitting on a chair, and Jerold, whose eyes were empty and dull, and hesitated, but said to Charlie Wade: “Mr. Wade, I dare to ask for a favor, I hope Mr. Wade can grant it ……”

        Charlie Wade asked indifferently, “You are talking about your two battle kings, right?”

        Of the four Battle Kings of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, two had died in Charlie Wade’s hands, and the other two had become invalids.

        This was a great blow to the fighting strength of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.

        At this moment, Wan Bajun said in shame, “Mr. Wade, I know that I have sinned deeply and am ashamed of you, and the two of them, Hao Tian and Jerold, were also under my orders before they offended you. “

        Lu Haotian sat down on the chair and choked with difficulty, “Mr. Wade …… …… will do anything for you! Please give my subordinates a chance!”

        Although Jerold could not say a word, his heart, too, had already turned to Charlie Wade with all his heart, only hoping to get rid of this feeling of being a living death as soon as possible and prove his worth in front of Charlie Wade.

        Charlie Wade nodded slightly at this point and spoke, “Since the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall has already done its duty to me, I naturally cannot let the two of them live worse than death.”

        After saying that, Charlie Wade said to Jerold, “Jerold, come here.”

        Upon hearing Charlie Wade’s order, Jerold’s body immediately came forward on reflex.