The Real Dragon Chapter 3581

        He gave it to Lu Haotian, the man who had been ordered by himself to bring more than a hundred coffins to kill the Wade family manor!

        This, what kind of heart must one have?

        In the eyes of Wan Bajun and the other generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, I am afraid that the sages spoken of by the ancients are no better than this!

        Lu Haotian was even more grateful at this moment, kowtowing his head repeatedly and choking on his words, “Thank you Mr. Wade for your kindness …… Thank you Mr. Wade for your kindness ……”

        To Charlie wade, since he had refined the Peiyuan Pill, a little bit of spiritual energy was no longer a big deal, and he only needed to reach out and use a small portion of his spiritual energy to heal Lu Haotian with just a handful of strokes.

        However, he had to choose the Spring Return Pill.

        This is because, in the eyes of others, a hand-raising is always an unquantifiable indicator.

        The other party would belittle the kindness because it was too easy for them to do so.

        Therefore, since one wants to invite people to buy hearts, one has to quantify the favour.

        Half a Spring Return Pill is not even a fart to oneself.

        But it wouldn’t take long for a Spring Return Pill to surely set a record of over ten billion dollars in the auction.

        Therefore, even if the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall did not understand the preciousness of it now, once the auction was over, they would definitely realise the true value of the Spring Return Pill.

        Only then would they be able to know how heavy this favour of theirs really was!

        At this moment, Charlie wade looked at the crowd and said with a serious expression, “As long as you all serve me wholeheartedly, I will also regard you as friends and brothers, so what if I use billions of spiritual medicines? I will be willing to use it on you all.”

        After saying that, he gave a slight pause and added, “I know that your Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons must have mastered a relatively high quality martial arts internal skill technique, otherwise your overall strength would not be so high, however, from the strength of your Hall Master, we can see that the internal skill technique you practice is not optimal in the field of martial arts, otherwise he would not have been in the Ming realm and unable to otherwise he wouldn’t have remained in the Ming realm, unable to go to the next level.”

        “When I have some time to spare, I will select a better and more complete internal martial arts method and give it to your Hall Master.

        When Wan Bajun heard these words, he was inwardly shocked.

        Although he was already an eight-star martial artist, if he really looked at it in the context of the martial path, he was just not even out of primary school.

        The Dark Realm, the Realm of Transformation and the Realm of Patriarch that followed were equivalent to middle school, high school and university.

        As a primary school student in the martial arts realm, his biggest dream all along, apart from avenging his parents, was to be able to break through the Bright Realm and enter the Dark Realm.

        Only, this wish was not only unfulfilled by him, but also by his preaching benefactor.

        His benefactor, before travelling the world, once bared his heart to Wan Bajun.

        For him, to be able to enter the Dark Realm was the highest pursuit of this life.

        He did not hesitate even if it meant that he would have to die at the end of the day.

        All he wanted was to enter the higher realm he had always dreamed of.

        Since then, Wan Bajun had also regarded the Dark Realm as the ultimate goal of his martial path.

        In his opinion, Charlie wade’s strength was not only above the Bright Realm, but even above the Dark Realm as well as the Transformation, and even the Patriarch Realm.

        Therefore, when Charlie wade said that the internal martial arts techniques they practised were not optimal and that he had never been able to go to the next level, he immediately had a feeling of being ashamed of himself.

        And these last words of Charlie wade’s caused him to become incomparably frenzied inside all of a sudden.

        He did not expect that Charlie wade would be willing to give the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall a better internal martial arts technique to help the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall improve its strength, wouldn’t that mean that he would even have a chance to enter the Dark Realm in the future?