The Real Dragon Chapter 3592

Hearing Liam’s words, Don Albert at the side could not help but sigh: “If cancer could really be overcome one day, it would definitely be a gospel for all mankind!”

        The last half year she suffered more than she had suffered in her entire life. If she had been put aside now, she might have lived a few more years. ……”

        The medical development is still very fast, with more and more treatments and more treatment options available to patients.”

        The most important thing is that the cost of a single treatment is around $200,000, and it is not 100% effective, the annual cost of drugs in the field of oncology alone is worth more than $200 billion, and this is just the drugs, not including surgery, radiotherapy and other treatments such as interventional therapy. radiotherapy and other treatments such as interventional therapies.”

        Don Albert sighed, “Hey, in this world, ordinary people work so hard to earn so little money in their lifetime, and then one major illness contributes it all.”

        Isaac Cameron said seriously, “Don Albert, you can’t say that, spending money to cure a disease is taking money for life, as the saying goes, money is valuable, but life is more expensive!”

        Charlie Wade kept his brows slightly frowned and did not say anything.

        The words Liam had just said had given him an inspiration.

        In fact, many rules seemed unbreakable, but as long as the weight at the other end of the scale was heavy enough, it would definitely be possible to make the rules change.

        If a potent drug could really be developed to effectively treat cancer, I am afraid that any country in the world would not hesitate to introduce it to the domestic market.

        However, for a disease like cancer, even in the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing, there is no ordinary remedy that can truly cure it.

        In other words, if one wanted to cure cancer, one would at least have to use an elixir of the level of the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill to do so.

        Trying to completely cure cancer by relying on a prescription composed of some ordinary Chinese herbs is simply a fool’s dream.

        The Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill, on the other hand, is already beyond the scope of ordinary Chinese medicine.

        This is because it cannot be produced simply by following a prescription with the right herbs.

        If you want to make this kind of pill, you must use spiritual qi as a medium, and use the pill refining method recorded in the Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures to quench the essence of the medicinal ingredients little by little, then use spiritual qi to further sublimate and qualitatively transform the medicinal ingredients, and finally condense them into a pill.

        If the link of spiritual qi is missing, the medicinal properties would not even reach one hundredth of the potency.

        In this kind of spiritual medicine, the importance of spiritual qi is much more important than the herbs themselves.

        This also meant that whether it was the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill or the Spring Returning Pill, as long as the pills required spirit qi to be refined, it was impossible to actually ma*s produce them on an a*sembly line.

        Even if Charlie Wade did nothing all day and night and went all out to refine the Blood Dissipation and Heart Salvation Pill, he would probably only be able to produce a few hundred pills a day.

        Therefore, at the moment, Charlie Wade did not have the ability to let Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical ma*s produce this kind of medicine.

        Thinking about this, he could not help but feel a little regret.

        Producing medicines was naturally for the sake of making money, but it was also for the benefit of society.

        If there was some way to bring the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill onto the production line and ma*s produce it in the future, then it would be possible to realise Liam’s vision just now.

        However, this idea could only be considered a good wish so far, and if he really wanted to realise it, I was afraid that he would have to see if there was a better chance in the future.

        However, Charlie Wade suddenly thought, the medicinal effect of the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill was very strong, as long as a person still had a breath, this medicine would definitely be able to save them, and the vast majority of injuries and illnesses could be completely cured.

        If tumour patients take it, it can effectively inhibit the development of tumours, and if taken continuously over a long period of time, it can not only inhibit the development of tumours, but also make the tumours smaller and allow the patients to survive stably over a long period of time.