The Real Dragon Chapter 3593

        This drug has many advantages over the current targeted drugs in Western medicine.

        The first is that there are too many different types of targeted drugs and most of them can only treat one type of cancer, whereas with the diluted blood dispersing and heart saving drug, almost any cancer can be treated, even if it is a different condition.

        Secondly, targeted drugs quickly develop resistance, and once they do, they lose their therapeutic effect, but the ingredients of the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Dan will never develop resistance.

        In other words, if tumour patients can keep taking it, not only do they have the hope of a complete cure, but even if they cannot be cured, they can still achieve the kind of long-term survival with cancer that Liam just mentioned.

        If we calculate according to the way tumour patients take one capsule a day, then one capsule, even if it only contains one thousandth of the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill, must have a strong enough medicinal effect.

        So, he immediately said to Liam, “I have a formula that can control cancer, but this formula requires the addition of Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill as a medicinal primer, so the production capacity may be very limited. After I make it, you should first take some of the samples to the United States and dump them on their relevant authorities, and just lie to them that this is a special cancer medicine that we are developing and will soon be fully marketed, and if he If he doesn’t speed up the approval of Jiu Xuan Stomach San, then all of our future products will be abandoned in the US market! Give them a good scare and let them weigh themselves.”

        As soon as Liam heard that it was the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill, he immediately knew that it was a miracle pill that Graham Quinton, Zeke white, Jasmine, Simmons and Don Albert had all received before.

        Now, when he heard that Charlie Wade was going to use this miracle medicine to make a special cancer medicine to scare the Americans, he immediately understood Charlie Wade’s intention.

        He hurriedly asked Charlie Wade, “Master Wade, then what are you going to call this medicine? Even if it’s a sample, I’ll have to have someone design a reliable packaging, so that it’s more credible.”

        Charlie Wade nodded and smiled, “Once this medicine is taken out, it definitely has the effect of rebuilding a new life for ordinary people, so let’s call it the Jiu Xuan Rejuvenation Pill!”

        “Nine Xuan Recycle Pill ……” Liam said with unconcealed excitement, “Master Wade, I will arrange for the design team to come up with the packaging as soon as I return!”

        Charlie Wade instructed, “I am going to make it into a hard round pill, about one centimeter in diameter, you design it into a box of seven pills, one box is just the amount for a week.”

        “Good!” Liam was busy saying, “I’ll make the sample for you in the next few days!”

        “OK.” Charlie Wade smiled, “I estimate that I can only get a few thousand boxes of this medicine at most, except for a very small amount for you to stimulate the relevant departments of those western countries, the rest will be given to those serious patients with difficult families in China, you can organize a free medicine giving campaign for Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills, and tell the public that this is our latest research result, so that You can also raise the fame of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical.”

        Liam asked, “Master Wade, do you need to apply for a patent for the formula of this Jiu Xuan Reclaiming Pill? I’m afraid that after those western countries and pharmaceutical companies get it, they will try to figure out the ingredients in it at the first opportunity, so if it’s not registered as a patent, it might be risky in the future.”

        Charlie Wade nodded and said, “Good, I will give you a prescription when the time comes, and you can register the patent for the prescription in advance.”

        Immediately afterwards, Charlie Wade said to Liam, “In addition to this Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pill, I also have a new prescription that can be produced in large quantities and can effectively protect the liver, I will give you the prescription later, you go and register a patent, as for the name of the medicine, it will be called Jiu Xuan Liver Protection Tablets.”

        Liam said with surprise, “Master Wade, this liver protection tablet, it should be the formula you said before, the one that focuses on nourishing the liver and protecting the liver, right?”

        “Right.” Charlie Wade nodded and said, “If you want to go for volume, you need to make this kind of maintenance type of medicine, half treatment and half health care in nature, the audience is also bigger, a stomach dispersion and a liver protection tablet, the combination of these two, for the people at present, is definitely a good combination of medicine for home!”