The Real Dragon Chapter 3595

Liam was busy asking, “Master Wade, what should we do if they agree to give the green light to Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical’s other drugs in exchange for the Jiu Xuan Recycle Pill to be marketed in the US? After all, like you said, it would be difficult to achieve true ma*s production of Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills ……”

        Liam immediately said respectfully, “I understand, Master Wade, don’t worry, I will go back later and arrange for the trial production, and call you as soon as it is finished! When the Jiu Xuan Recycle Pill is finished, I will personally take it to America!”

        After saying that, Liam looked at the time and said with some impatience, “Master Wade, if you have nothing else to order, then I will go back to the factory now and arrange the work!”

        “Good.” Charlie Wade nodded in satisfaction and said, “Then you hurry up and get busy, I won’t keep you.”

        “Okay Master Wade! I’ll take my leave first!”

        Liam carefully put the prescription away and hurriedly bid farewell to leave.

        After Liam left, Isaac Cameron said to Charlie Wade, “Young Master, during this period of time, Liam’s progress is visible to the naked eye, not only is his work logical and methodical, his whole person also seems more and more confident, compared to the previous Liam who was obsequiously following Jeffrey’s side, there is a world of difference.”

        Charlie Wade nodded his head and smiled, saying approvingly, “Liam has been lying in wait and enduring humiliation for so many years in his family, and now that he has such a good opportunity, he will naturally burst out with even more motivation.”

        At this time, Don Albert’s phone received a push from a news app and subconsciously said offhandedly, “Young master, the news says that Helena, that Helena, is about to hold a coronation ceremony!”

        As soon as the words left their mouths, Charlie Wade’s and Isaac Cameron’s phones, too, received multiple pushes one after another.

        These tweets were almost all sent from major news platforms and internet platforms across the country, with almost the same content and headline: “The new Nordic Queen, Helena Iliad, will soon be officially unveiled at the Nordic Palace!”

        Only then did Charlie Wade realise that Helena, who was far away in Northern Europe, should soon be travelling by carriage from the palace to the cathedral to receive her coronation!

        And as the first new empress to ascend the throne in the last thirty years, Helena was attracting much attention from the world, and even in China, there were many netizens who were eagerly watching.

        After all, it is not often that an empress as young and beautiful as Helena is seen in history, so she is very desirable, both in terms of her looks and her status.

        It was precisely for this reason that her coronation ceremony today was eagerly watched by the whole world.

        Charlie Wade opened a video software, and the opening advertis*ment read the words Nordic Queen’s Coronation Ceremony Live.

        Charlie Wade then clicked straight in from the ad and the screen loaded out to be none other than the main entrance of the Nordic Palace.

        At this moment, the host’s voice came out, “According to the coronation process announced by the Nordic royal family to the public, in five minutes, that is, at exactly 2pm Eastcliff time and 8am Nordic time, the new Nordic Queen Helena Iliad, who is about to be crowned, is about to depart from here and take the royal carriage to Oso City Cathedral! “

        “The scene can be seen outside the palace gates at this very moment, which have been taken over by media from all over the world!”

        “It is reported that over 200 million people are watching this coronation ceremony simultaneously around the world!”

        “I believe that by the time the coronation ceremony starts at 10am Nordic time, the number will be 300 million, 400 million, or even more!”

        “So according to the Nordic royal family, all the European royal families will be represented in their direct line today, but we are not sure which royal family members will be attending yet, we won’t know exactly until we get to the cathedral in Oso.”

        “Stay tuned to the headlines as we bring you live coverage of the coronation of Queen Helena Iliad without interruption!”