The Real Dragon Chapter 3596

At this moment, viewers all over the world were in front of their screens, anticipating Helena’s appearance.

        More than thirty years had pa*sed since the crowning of the world’s last queen, so at this moment when Helena, the new queen, was about to be crowned and enthroned, the whole world was curious about her.

        Don Albert and Isaac Cameron could not help but turn on the live streaming of the video website at this time. Both of them, having seen Helena with their own eyes on Mount Wade Ling, also knew that earlier that Helena was nothing more than a puppet who had no one to rely on in the royal family and was used as a tool for marriage by the royal family.

        But only a few days later, she was already about to become the new Queen, a radical change.

        And they knew very well that it was thanks to Charlie Wade that Helena was able to completely turn her life around and move to the top.

        At this moment, the host of the live broadcast could not contain his excitement and said, “What you can see now is that the royal carriage is slowly coming towards the entrance of the palace under the escort of the royal guards, this carriage is said to be more than three hundred years old, the past eleven Nordic kings and queens, all rode in this carriage from the palace to the cathedral in Oso. “

        “According to some local media people, the carriage began a complete refurbishment six months ago and it was originally intended for the last heir to the throne, Princess Olivia Iliad, not realising that there had been a peak change in the succession to the Nordic throne and only three days ago the current Queen suddenly announced that she was pa*sing the throne to Helena Iliad. “

        “We are now one minute away from Helena Iliad’s scheduled boarding time, so let’s all look forward to seeing the new Nordic Queen!”

        As the words fell, several male guards, dressed in red uniforms, wearing bearskin hats and carrying rifles over their shoulders, could be seen in the picture, walking out of the interior of the palace in two proper groups.

        The presenter said with some excitement, “Friends of the audience, you are now looking at the Royal Guard of the Nordic Royal Guard, and you can see that their ceremonial costume is very similar to that of the Royal Guard of Great Britain, a red uniform and bearskin hat costume that has been used in European royalty for over two hundred years!”

        “And as soon as the Royal Guard of Honour makes its appearance, it is a sign that the new Queen, Helena Iliad, who will soon be crowned, will soon make her appearance as well!”

        As soon as she had finished speaking, Helena, dressed in a long white gown and dressed like a fairy tale princess, was seen walking out of the palace in a dignified manner, accompanied by several royal women.

        At the moment, Helena, dressed in full regalia, was truly as beautiful as a fairy, capturing the hearts of many men as soon as she appeared.

        Her face was no longer filled with the panic and helplessness of a desperate man.

        Instead, there was an unprecedented powerful confidence.

        Outside the palace, there were cheers.

        Not only the Nordic people who were watching from afar were excited, but also the overseas media, who were all excited beyond words.

        The host couldn’t help but exclaim: “I’m surrounded by sounds of awe and admiration, and almost all of them are senior members of the media who have seen all sorts of things, and the one who was live beside me just now was the biggest media outlet in Britain, and their host was just exclaiming that Helena Iliad’s style reminded him of Princess Diana back then And her poise and elegance is nothing compared to Princess Diana’s!”

        At that moment, Helena stopped in her tracks and stood at the entrance to the palace, waving from afar to the frenzied Nordic public.