The Real Dragon Chapter 3602

Charlie wade did not expect that his mention of Jiqing Hall would cause Jasmine to choke back tears.

        Seeing this, he thought that Jasmine was lamenting over the several ups and downs and tribulations of the past, so he hurriedly spoke to comfort her, “The bad things are all in the past, you are now the head of the Moore family, you still need to be strong and look forward.”

        Jasmine nodded hastily, wiping her tears while smiling, “Sorry, Master Wade, for making you look at the joke ……”

        Charlie wade smiled heartily, “I don’t mind, but soon Old Cameron will come up, if he sees you like this, I don’t know what he will think.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade muttered with some surprise, “By the way, how did this guy take so long to park a car?”

        At this moment, the downstairs of Moore’s Group.

        Isaac Cameron took a puff of his cigarette and saw that the cigarette roll had burned to its butt before he raised his hand, looked at his wristwatch and muttered in a low voice, “It’s been almost 10 minutes, it’s almost time, right?”

        Thinking about this, he couldn’t help but mutter, “The young master and Miss Moore must have a lot of private conversations that they don’t want me to hear, so it wouldn’t be wrong to give them a little more time alone.”

        After saying this, he immediately dropped the cigarette butt that had already burned out in his hand, and took another one out of his pocket to relight it.

        Only after this cigarette was finished did Isaac Cameron slowly make his way upstairs and arrive at Jasmine’s office door.

        He listened carefully at the door for a few seconds and found no strange movements before he boldly knocked on the door.

        At this moment, Jasmine had gradually recovered from the emotion she had just felt, and when she heard the knock, she hurriedly said loudly, “Please come in!”

        Only then did Isaac Cameron push the door in and said politely, “Young master, Miss Moore.”

        Charlie wade was surprised and asked him, “Did you park the car back at Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace? What took you so long to come up?”

        Isaac Cameron was busy smiling twice and explained, “No, I was just about to come up when I answered a phone call, so I was delayed for a while.”

        Saying that, he hurriedly asked, “Young master, how did your conversation with Miss Moore go?”

        Charlie wade said, “Just talking about the auction, when the time comes, you and Jasmine will take the lead together.”

        “No problem.” Isaac Cameron agreed without a second thought and said to Jasmine, “Miss Moore, I don’t know much about specific antique auctions, so I may have to rely mainly on you for this piece, when the time comes, I will be responsible for the pre-publicity, software development and online, as well as the on-site support for the entire auction, the specific process and execution aspects of the auction, you still have to be the gatekeeper. “

        Jasmine hurriedly said, “Mr. Cameron, you don’t have to be so polite with me, you’re always the one doing all the talking, I’m really ashamed of it.”

        She said, she added: “As for the specific process and execution of the auction, I will definitely have no problem operating it, but what I am most worried about now is the selection of the auction items ……”

        Charlie wade asked, “What are the specific problems with the selection of the auction items?”

        Jasmine said with a somewhat embarra*sed expression, “I’m not going to hide it from you two, although Ji Qing Tang’s reputation in the Aurous Hill antique market is not small, but if you look at the national collectibles market, it is only second or third rate, so our customer resources and auction resources are not too good, and the collection resources we can find are also relatively average, so when the time comes to put on a stage for Hui Chun Dan to sing, I’m afraid it will be a bit out of place ……”