The Real Dragon Chapter 3603

        Speaking of this, she added: “Ji Qing Tang’s current treasure of the shop is a real painting of old Mr. Qi Baishi, but that painting is not exactly a masterpiece of old Mr. Qi Baishi, so its market value is only about 80 million ……”

        After hearing this, Charlie wade couldn’t help but laugh, “I thought it was something, it turned out to be a worry about this.”

        Jasmine said seriously, “Whether an auction is upscale or not, it mainly depends on the geometry of the collection he brings out. Although the Spring Return Pill can definitely fetch a sky-high price, if the other accompanying lots are average, I am afraid that it will bring down the grade of the Spring Return Pill and discredit you, Master Wade ……”

        Charlie wade laughed: “This is too good to solve.”

        After saying that, Charlie wade paused and said confidently, “When you advertise the auction, add a collection call message, and welcome all those who have signed up for the auction to take out one of the most valuable items from their own collections and add it to the auction’s lots as well.”

        Jasmine said somewhat hesitantly, “Master Wade, I’m afraid that those who can afford to auction the Spring Return Pill are the richest set of people in this world, they buy collectibles like a brave man who only enters and doesn’t leave, they’ve never heard of them taking out their own collection for auction, unless it’s some charity auction event.”

        Speaking here, Jasmine added, “But when they participate in charity auctions, it is impossible for them to take out the most expensive collections, they usually just take out collections worth a few hundred thousand to a few million dollars, and the money they get from the auction is donated directly to the charity fund.”

        Isaac Cameron also said with an agreeable face, “Young master, those rich people buy collectibles, just like an old lady shopping for cabbages in the market, even if their homes are piled up, they will not sell them outside, at most, they will spend some money to set up a museum, and then put all their products into the museum, and openly display them to the society, indeed rarely heard that they are willing to sell their collections I’m afraid they won’t respond at all if you ask them to take out the most valuable piece of their collection.”

        Charlie wade laughed: “This is not difficult, when the publicity starts, you should let the public know that the organizer will select twenty of the most representative collections from the registered collections to be put up for auction, at that time all the people who attend the auction will have to vote on these twenty collections by secret ballot, at the end of the auction, the organizer will count the votes publicly on the spot, the one with the most votes collection item, its owner will receive an additional quarter of a Spring Return Pill!”

        Speaking here, Charlie wade said with a bit of contempt in his eyes, “The vast majority of rich people don’t really know about art and collecting, they just like to use their sky-high collections to show off their style and wealth, or use their collections to seek the appreciation of their a*sets. They will definitely bring out their most valuable items.”

        Jasmine was busy saying, “Master Wade …… even a quarter of a Spring Return Pill is extremely precious, would it be a bit wasteful to use it on this matter ……”

        Charlie wade waved his hand and said, “If you want to make a big show, you still have to take out this cost. Just imagine, if the twenty pieces we selected that day are all top-notch artworks worth more than 100 million dollars, plus the final finale of the Spring Return Pill, then this auction will definitely be unprecedented and unprecedented in the future. Once this auction is held, I’m afraid that for a long time to come, no one will dare to organise any more auctions at the top auction houses!”