The Real Dragon Chapter 3604

After Charlie wade had booked the details of the auction with Jasmine and Isaac Cameron, he was much more at ease with the matter.

        The next step was to wait for the Spring Return Pill to make a bit of a splash in the high society of Europe and the United States, and then follow the trend of putting out the news of the auction.

        At that moment, Helena’s royal carriage had just arrived at the cathedral in the Nordic capital of Oslo.

        This centuries-old cathedral is the largest and most magnificent church in the Nordic countries, with a medieval architecture that not only has a strong Renaissance atmosphere, but also a clever blend of Baroque style, and is a landmark of the Nordic capital, Oslo.

        Since its construction, the church has seen the coronation of many Nordic kings and queens.

        Now, it will welcome the youngest queen in Nordic history, Helena Iliad.

        As countless people watched, Helena stepped out of the carriage and, accompanied by her attendants, walked up the stone-paved walkway outside the Oso Cathedral.

        On both sides of the walkway, flowers still covered with dew, the soldiers of the Royal Guard stood solemnly on both sides of the road, rifles in hand, as they watched Helena walk in.

        According to royal procedure, Helena had to take at least five minutes to walk slowly down the stone path, turning around at the entrance to the church and waving to everyone.

        At this moment, the cathedral of Ossuary is filled with the royalty, nobility and celebrities of the whole of Europe.

        Europe is not a large area, and many of the countries that still have their royal families have actually been constantly intermarrying with each other since a few hundred years ago, and are basically tied to each other, and some of them have not even come out of the five services until now.

        Sitting in the first row of the church are almost all the direct relatives of European royalty, the most famous of whom are Crown Prince Philip of Britain and his Princess.

        This Crown Prince Philip is now over seventy years old and is the oldest Crown Prince in the whole of Europe.

        Even though Helena was more than forty years younger than him, he still had to represent the British royal family and pay a visit to Helena, the newly crowned Queen.

        Although Helena had not yet entered, at this moment, through the side door at the front of the church, a magnificently dressed old lady, accompanied by a few attendants, came in.

        As soon as the congregation saw this old lady, a cry of astonishment went up.

        For this old woman was no other than the current Queen of Northern Europe.

        It was also Helena’s grandmother.

        Her sudden appearance here made the whole of the guests in the church feel very surprised.

        It was only a few days ago that they had received a secret letter from the Nordic royal family, informing them that the Queen had lost consciousness and was on the verge of death, and that her death was only a matter of the last month.

        This kind of secret message is a modern convention among the royal families of Europe.

        A couple of centuries ago, the royal families of Europe were in fact full of rivalries.

        In those days, it was not just a matter of a day or two, or a time or two, when several large European countries or a bunch of small ones fought with each other.

        Even if they were all related, no one would have cared about blood relations when they were in a hurry.

        However, since the modern era, when the royal families of all countries handed over their real power and introduced constitutional monarchies, these European royal families have lost their kingdoms and have become extremely united, rather like a group.

        Whenever a king or queen of any kingdom was in poor health, or even on the verge of death, the royal family would send a secret message to the other royal families to let them know in advance and to prepare for a visit to pay their respects.

        Usually it is the crown prince or a powerful prince who comes to pay their respects.

        Otherwise, if anyone happened to be out of the country at the time, they would miss the funeral.