The Real Dragon Chapter 3605

So these people had always thought that the old Queen of Northern Europe was dying, and that the change of the heir to the throne was probably a reappearance before her death, but who would have thought that the old woman would walk into the church by himself!

        The Queen’s walk was not quite as athletic, but for an old woman in her 70s, it was very steady.

        Moreover, with her rosy cheeks and relaxed expression, the Queen did not look at all like a person who was seriously ill and almost dying.

        As the Queen walked up to the crowd in the first row, Duke Philip was the first to come back to her senses, rising with a shocked expression and saluting respectfully, “Your Majesty, it’s been a long time, you don’t look even remotely worse than the last time I saw you!”

        The Queen nodded slightly and said with a smile, “Phillip, how is your mother’s health?”

        Philip said busily, “She was slightly unwell some time ago and is still recovering, she is older after all, so her recovery is slower.”

        “Yes ……” the Queen sighed, “Her old man is almost a hundred years old, very impressive indeed.”

        At this moment, the others looked at the empress, still not recovered from the shock, because they found that no matter how the empress walked, spoke or behaved, she did not look sick at all, this was also a bit too strange, even if she recovered from a serious illness, she could not have recovered so completely all of a sudden, right?

        Some of the older ones were already wondering in their hearts what methods the Queen had used to recover so quickly. However, this group of old royals, old aristocrats and old tycoons throughout Europe, who are all keeping an eye on the development of medicine in Europe, and many of those sitting here have even invested in a number of pharmaceutical companies and related scientific research companies, if there is any wind or movement, everyone will definitely know about it.

        After all, these people are very old, and each of them is very rich and powerful, so the more they come to this time, the more they cherish their lives.

        When they come out to meet their friends on various occasions, they have long since stopped paying attention to what the other party is wearing and what they are wearing, and instead pay the most attention to how the other party looks as a whole, so as to deduce the state of health of the other party.

        If the other person looks good, they must break the pot and find out what kind of health care he has.

        At this time, one could hear the old Queen say to Duke Philip in a very serious manner, “Philip, I recommend to you and Her Majesty a very miraculous oriental divine medicine, the name of this medicine is the Spring Return Pill!”

        When these words came out, not only was Duke Philip dumbfounded, but even those others beside him who had not spoken were all speechless with shock.

        Someone muttered secretly, “Spring Return Pill? What is that thing? An Eastern divine medicine? Could it be that the Nordic Queen was cured by this divine medicine?”

        The same question went through the minds of the others.

        At this moment, I heard the Queen say, “I was already seriously ill, the top experts in the whole of Northern Europe declared that I would not live for more than a month, and it was impossible for me to wake up in this last month, but my good granddaughter, Helena, brought me a quarter of a rejuvenation pill from the faraway China …… “

        At this point, the Queen, with an exclamation, added a heavier tone and repeated, “Just a quarter of a pill! It’s less than the size of a fava bean! It brought me back from the dead! The doctor examined my body and said I had at least five more years to live! This is the most miraculous thing that has ever happened to me in my life! If it wasn’t for the fact that this miracle medicine came from far away China, I would have even thought it was a gift from God to me ……”

        The Queen’s voice was not very loud when she said this, but the words, like thunder, immediately caused a roar in the church!