The Real Dragon Chapter 3607

        But they had never thought that people would experience such loneliness and pain before they died.

        Wouldn’t that make them the loneliest people in the world?

        At this time, the Queen said with great emotion, “The Western medicine that you have believed in for so many years, that is the same Western medicine that I believed in for so many years before, at the most critical moment of my life, I can’t even tell what state I was in, so do you still think that Western medicine is the best and most advanced?”

        The crowd’s expressions were all shocked beyond belief and speechless.

        Phillip was also stunned and crumpled in horror, “So, those vegetative people we thought were brain dead were probably in that same state, most likely their consciousness was alive and then alone in their own bodies for years, even decades ……”

        “Yes ……” said the Queen, nodding, “I would never have thought of this dimension before, but when I had personal experience, I saw it in the same way as you do.”

        The Queen added, “But it was in the midst of that desperate situation that I heard the truth about my other granddaughter, Olivia, joining forces with others to plot against me! It was then that I realised that I was not seriously ill, but poisoned! A poison for which there was no cure and which no one knew about! Had it not been for my good granddaughter, Helena, who saved me with the divine medicine she brought back from China after all the trouble she went through, I might still be imprisoned in my own body to this day, waiting for death to finally come ……”

        Hearing this, many people became convinced of the Queen’s words.

        Because, three days ago, the royal family had made an announcement to the public. The announcement stated that Olivia Iliad, for conspiring with her fiancé, William Rothschild’s family, for conspiring against the Queen, had been condemned by the royal family, and at the same time, the royal family announced that they had officially flown out Olivia Iliad’s right to inherit the throne, while giving the succession to Helena Iliad.

        People didn’t quite understand at first why the Queen’s serious illness had anything to do with Olivia’s murder, or why the throne was suddenly given to Helena, who had long since been disinherited.

        Now, at last, they had it all tied up.

        The Queen was seriously ill, but it was Olivia who had been responsible, and Helena had been able to regain the throne because she had been instrumental in saving the Queen’s life!

        At this point, the Queen continued, “As for why I firmly believe in this oriental miracle medicine, it is because, the moment I took the medicine, my consciousness immediately regained control of my body, and those poisonous side effects caused by long-term poisoning were actually cleared away in an instant, that moment was like coming from hell to heaven for me.”

        At this point, the Queen looked at Philip with a dumbfounded expression and asked him, “Philip, after hearing all this, do you still believe in Western medicine?”

        Philip said with a bewildered look on his face, “I …… can’t say I do …… though I don’t mean to doubt you in any way, but I still think it’s all a bit unbelievable indeed, and I can’t accept it for a while ……”

        The Queen smiled slightly and said, “Never mind, such miracles like miraculous manifestations are indeed only possible to be believed by those who have experienced them.”

        Speaking of this, the Queen smiled heartily and said with a grateful face, “Perhaps this also means that I am more favored by God than you all, Jesus once said that only those who believe are able to witness miracles!”

        At this moment, an elderly male member of the royal family asked excitedly, “Your Majesty, if there is such a miraculous oriental medicine in this world as you have just said, then I dare to ask you if you can give me a quarter of it or sell it to me, my beloved wife is terminally ill and the doctor says she only has six months to live ……”

        The Queen shook her head and said apologetically, “I am sorry Malvern, Helena has only brought back a quarter of the Elixir of Return, and as much as I would like to help you, there is nothing I can do ……”