The Real Dragon Chapter 3608

The Queen’s words did not only make the royal named Malvern just now feel a great deal of regret, but even the other people around her who were paying attention to the Queen were all full of disappointment written all over their faces.

There was no doubt that the Queen’s words had convinced the royal family and the nobles of the matter of the Elixir of Return to Spring.

And after believing that the Pill of Returning Spring was real, their biggest thought was that they must find a way to obtain one.

After all, this divine medicine that could bring back the dead was simply the most precious existence to those of them who were rich, powerful and influential.

However, these words from the Queen completely shattered their thoughts.

But at the thought of that Pill of Returning Spring being able to influence life and death, someone immediately asked reluctantly, “Your Majesty, may I ask how exactly did Princess Helena find this Pill of Returning Spring? Can you please trouble her and tell me this channel and pathway so that I can figure it out myself!”

“Yes!” When the others heard this, they also immediately came back to their senses and hurriedly said, “Your Majesty! I would also like to know exactly where Princess Helena bought this medicine, and if I can, I would also like to buy some to keep as a backup.”

The man who spoke was a great nobleman from England, not only did his family have hereditary titles and fiefdoms, but he had also made a very successful transition to business over the years and was worth at least 10 billion euros.

This man felt in his heart that this Nordic royal family didn’t have many a*sets in the first place, let alone a mere Helena. If Helena could afford to buy this rejuvenating elixir, then he must be able to too, and to buy even more!

When the Queen heard these people’s enquiries, she could not help but say, “Gentlemen, you are thinking too simply about this matter, if this medicine was available somewhere and at a clear price, then I would buy more back with all my money.”

Speaking of this, the Queen’s expression also became serious as she sighed, “The point is that there is no place to buy this divine medicine, and Helena was able to obtain it solely because of fate, so if you guys want to find this medicine, you can only hope for fate.”

“Fate ……” When the crowd heard this word, they couldn’t help but look at each other.

The people who could appear here were all the best of the best, and although they hung up God on their lips every day, in reality, each one of them was the most staunch materialist in this world.

The ancestors of these people were either Vikings who sailed around Europe with Bibles in their hands, killing and plundering; or invaders who carried Bibles in their arms and then blew open the gates of other countries with duck flakes and cannons; or even colonists who went to the African continent with Bibles and took back large living people as slaves.

So, this group of people did not believe in karma at all.

So, someone spoke up, “Princess Helena will be in soon, can I ask her about the details of the rejuvenating elixir before she is crowned?”

“Right!” The others were immediately inspired, and one by one, they all waited impatiently for Helena to appear.

And at that moment, Helena finally took a step into the Oso City Cathedral.

According to the procedure of the coronation ceremony, Helena needed to take her seat on the platform in front of the church first, and then the Archbishop would preside over the subsequent coronation ceremony.

So, accompanied by several attendants, she walked step by step down the clean and straight red carpet.

Those who pa*sed by her also stood up, saluted and even applauded her.

But just as Helena reached the front rows, the people around her stuck their heads out and asked.

“Princess Helena, may I ask where exactly did you get the rejuvenating elixir?”

“Yes Princess Helena! Can you give us some information?”

Helena was surprised when she suddenly saw her grandmother smiling at her in the crowd and immediately understood the reason. If you want to find it, you can only rely on chance and luck, you can’t buy it with money, at least not yet.