The Real Dragon Chapter 3609

        After saying this, she stepped past the crowd and walked straight to the stage.

        One by one, these people below were muttering.

        “Eastcliff? China has a population of over a billion people, how would I know who has the Spring Return Pill?”

        “That’s …… China is so big, the country is not much different from the whole of Europe, where can I find the Spring Return Pill? How can I find the Elixir of Spring?”

        For a while, the thoughts of every one of these people sitting in the front rows were occupied by the Spring Return Pill.

        They only wanted to know how exactly they could obtain this rejuvenating elixir.

        Soon, Helena’s coronation ceremony officially began.

        The media also started at this time, sending live video feeds to the world.

        The royal coronation was grand and magnificent, and with Helena as dazzling as a pearl, it left all the viewers in front of the television in awe.

        However, for some reason, the guests and viewers sitting in the first few rows of the venue seemed to be preoccupied and distracted, in a strange state of wandering consciousness.

        At this moment, there was only one thing on their minds, and that was how to obtain the mysterious and miraculous Spring Return Pill!


        At the same time, the west coast of the United States.

        The feng shui master, Lai(Exoer) Qing Hua(Exoer), who was renowned throughout North America, also dialed his first call to promote the Spring Return Pill for Charlie wade.

        This call was made to his best friend.

        This friend, at this time, was also over ninety years old.

        Like Mai, he had been desperate to know how Lai(Exoer) had become twenty years younger ever since he had left wade Lingshan and returned to the United States.

        However, Lai(Exoer) kept telling him that he could not reveal the truth.

        No matter how much he asked, he would not say a word.

        On a few occasions, the other party almost turned against him and even threatened to terminate their friendship, but Lai(Exoer) still did not reveal a single word.

        The reason why Lai(Exoer) did not say anything was that he had no choice.

        He was a man who knew his destiny and knew very well that his friend’s destiny did not include such a chance.

        What’s more, he had received a great favour from Charlie wade, so how could he reveal Charlie wade’s information at the turn of his head?

        Charlie wade was the only person he had ever met in his life who possessed the destiny of the Dragon Grid, so he knew very well that even if he died, he could not touch the scales of a person with the Dragon Grid.

        So, he could only keep his mouth shut.

        In the end, that friend became quite annoyed with him and even gradually broke off contact with him.

        He had struggled all his life and had an inexhaustible fortune, and what he wanted most now was to live a few more years.

        Therefore, when he saw that he had made such a big change, he was naturally overwhelmed.

        It was perfectly understandable that he was angry with himself for not being able to give him the answer he wanted.

        Even Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) himself, because of the shame in his heart, had always felt ashamed to face him.

        However, now that Lai(Exoer) could finally reveal the news, the first person he thought of was this friend!