The Real Dragon Chapter 3614

At the same time, the cathedral of the Nordic capital, Ossuary.

        Helena, dressed in the robes of a holy white empress, stood before the Archbishop in the presence of the world and began the solemn and sacred coronation ceremony.

        The aged Archbishop invited Helena to the throne in the centre of the cathedral dais, where many men and women dressed in courtly garb and carrying sceptres stood in orderly rows.

        The important players in the Nordic Kingdom, such as the Chancellor, the President of the Heraldry and the Minister of Ceremonies, also took the stage in grand costume.

        These people took to the stage and stood in the four directions of the church, east, west, north and south.

        At this point, the Archbishop recited the prayer with the Bible in his hand and then asked them one by one: “Gentlemen, I hereby solemnly present to you Helena Alexander Iliad, our new Queen, to whom you will from this moment on give your allegiance and serve, do you wish to do so?”

        Without hesitation, the crowd nodded and replied solemnly, “I do!”

        The Archbishop turned to Helena, who was sitting in the centre of the room, and asked her, “Do you solemnly and solemnly promise to take an oath that you will rule over all the kingdoms of Northern Europe and all the people on them?”

        With a solemn face Helena said, “I do!”

        The Archbishop nodded and asked her again, “Do you then wish to do all that is in your power and ability, that law and justice, in all your judgments, may be mercifully carried out?”

        Again Helena said solemnly, “I do!”

        The Archbishop asked again, “Are you willing, then, to do all in your power and ability to maintain the law of God and the teaching of the Gospel? Are you willing, to the best of your ability and strength, to uphold the doctrines established by law and the powers conferred by law on bishops and clergy?”

        Without hesitation, Helena blurted out, “I am willing to comply with all these demands and to do all that I can to fulfil all my promises, so help me God!”

        The Archbishop himself then placed a brilliant crown on her head and handed her a sceptre made from the tusks of a narwhal.

        At the same time, four other attendants carefully draped a magnificent golden robe over her shoulders.

        Having done so, the Archbishop said respectfully, “Your Majesty, you are now the new Queen of the Nordic Kingdom, may God bless you and may God bless Northern Europe!”

        A thunderous applause erupted from the floor.

        At this point, Helena’s coronation ceremony had officially ended.

        From this moment on, she officially became the new Nordic Queen, while the old Queen on the stage, who had just spared no effort to promote the Spring Return Pill, had also officially bid farewell to her position as Queen.

        On the stage, Helena, like the stars, was not only radiant, but also beautiful.

        With her sceptre in her hand and a smile on her face, she carried herself with a total dignity and dignity that was very much at odds with her age, which was in her twenties.

        It was also this breezy and calm performance that won her the goodwill of almost everyone.

        At this moment, Charlie wade, sitting in Jasmine’s office, finished watching all the live streams, then he smiled heartily and exited the live streaming software, then sent a message to Helena, the content was simple, only two words: “Congratulations.”

        At the same time, he also received a message from Lai Qing Hua(Exoer), in which Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) said that he had already informed some of his old friends, as well as some big clients he had worked with, about the Spring Return Pill, and that the news of the Spring Return Pill had now started to spread within the top circles in the United States, waiting to ferment.

        Charlie wade replied with a thank you.

        Just after the message was sent, he received another message from Helena replying, asking him, “Mr wade, did I perform okay just now?”

        Charlie wade replied, “The performance was perfect.”

        Helena asked again, “Then did you see my brooch?”

        Charlie wade replied, “Yes, it was beautiful.”

        Helena replied, “This brooch, which was left by my grandmother, happens to be in the shape of a leaf, which matches your surname, and as for the letters on it, I glued them on by hand myself with broken diamonds.”

        Charlie wade had to say back, “Thank you, you have a heart.”

        Then, Charlie wade digressed and asked her, “Is your coronation all done?”

        Helena said, “Not yet, there will be a banquet soon, but the banquet is not open to the public, so there will be no live media coverage.”