The Real Dragon Chapter 3616

This night, the three words Spring Return Pill caused a huge earthquake and sensation in the top wealthy circles in Europe and America.

        The next day, Charlie wade received a message from Wan Bajun early in the morning.

        He had already taken care of the three forward bases along the northern coast of the Gulf of Aden.

        The reason why the efficiency could be so fast had a lot to do with Wan Long Temple’s connections in the Middle East over the years as well as their fame.

        Although they had just experienced a big defeat some time ago, it was widely rumoured that they had eaten half of the Wade family, so in the eyes of the outside world, not only was their strength still not to be underestimated, but it had even increased from before.

        The Middle East is more war-torn, so these countries, too, are willing to have a good relationship with a mercenary organisation like the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, so that not only can they avoid having the Temple stand against them in the future, but they also have the opportunity to have the Temple stand beside them when they are in danger.

        Moreover, Wan Bajun also used his connections to purchase a batch of weapons and equipment that had just been retired from active service, including three former Soviet-made helicopters that had had their weapons systems removed, directly from Saudi Arabia at an extremely low cabbage price.

        In this way, it became easy to airlift armed escorts directly from the coastal bases to board the ships.

        The Wan Breaking Army had stationed 300 soldiers of the Wan Long Temple at these three forward bases and were able to officially start escorting the ships with immediate effect.

        When Charlie wade heard this news, he was naturally very happy, and he immediately gave Wan Bajun He Zhiqiu(Ziva)’s contact details, telling him to contact He Zhiqiu(Ziva) directly.

        From now on, all ships of the Isu Shipping Line pa*sing through the Gulf of Aden will be provided with armed escort work by the Wan Long Temple.

        The good news had just come from Wan Bajun’s side, and after Charlie wade had just delivered Xiao Churan to the company, Liam also called him.

        Once the call came through, Liam said respectfully, “Master Wade, after nearly twenty hours of continuous trial production, our team has successfully produced the Nine Mysterious Liver Protective Tablets, and the Solid Gold Life Renewing Pill, which you want to use as the base medicine for the Nine Mysterious Reconstruction Pills, has also been trial produced. “

        The location of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical’s Jinling factory was in the suburbs, closer to the Champs-Elysees Hot Spring Villa, so Charlie wade immediately said, “Liam, you can drive over there now, I’m heading over there as well, you should wait for me for a while when you arrive.”

        “Good!” Liam said without hesitation, “Master Wade, then I’ll set off right now!”

        Charlie wade drove straight outside the city, and an hour later, he finally arrived at the Champs-Elysees Spa Villa.

        At this moment, Liam was waiting at the entrance of the spa villa with two very high-end mobile thermal boxes.

        When Charlie wade got out of the car, he greeted Liam directly, “Go, go in and talk.”

        After saying that, he used his fingerprints to open the villa door and took Liam directly into the interior of the villa.

        As for Elaine, her legs were still weak, so it was impossible for her to run here alone, so it was perfect for Charlie wade to refine medicine here.

        When he arrived at the villa, Liam hurriedly opened the two mobile thermal boxes, and then handed Charlie wade two brick-sized, black-coloured medicinal mud with a temperature of around zero degrees, and said respectfully, “Master Wade, these are the medicinal mud we have made, take a look.”

        The prescriptions Charlie wade provided basically needed to be autoclaved in a reactor and then purified in a centrifuge.

        The purified essence of the medicine is this black and richly scented medicinal mud.

        For some pills, the puree is basically rolled directly into pills of different sizes, such as Wuji Baifeng Pills and Liu Wei Dihuang Pills.

        If the medicine tastes too bitter, the clay is usually dried first, and then the production line is applied and the medicine is wrapped with a sugar coating to make tablets, such as the most common Vitamin C Yin Qiao tablets and Huang Lian Shang Qing tablets.

        Charlie wade took some of each of the two medicinal purees, crushed them on his fingertips and smelled them, nodded his head in satisfaction and said, “Both of these medicines are well made, remember to give a red packet to the team working overtime later.”