The Real Dragon Chapter 3620

Liam took the clay that Charlie wade had refined the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill and brought it back to Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals, and that afternoon, he used the clay to produce a full seven hundred boxes of Jiu Xuan Reclamation Pills.

        Afterwards, he took out twenty boxes from it and locked the rest into the safe.

        Immediately afterwards, he instructed his inner circle to start posting a call for volunteers to test the new anti-cancer drug in China, asking these volunteers to provide a description of their family situation, as well as their real cases, for review.

        According to Liam’s plan, he intended to take a week to collect applicants, and then select the most suitable 100 people from these applicants, and invite them all to Aurous Hill at that time to focus on drug trials.

        He said it was a drug trial, but in his heart he knew very well that it was actually Charlie wade giving a hundred people, or a hundred families, a chance to be reborn.

        After making these arrangements, he rushed to the airport with twenty boxes of Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills and hurriedly left for the United States.

        The moment the plane took off, Liam’s heart was still somewhat nervous.

        He didn’t know the effects of these Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills yet, so he didn’t know if he could complete the task that Charlie wade had explained to him during his trip to the United States.

        But he could never have dreamed that these twenty boxes of Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills would make waves in the United States.


        The same night that Liam left for the United States, the wade family’s Concorde airliner also quietly flew into Aurous Hill, preparing in advance for Charlie wade’s trip to the Middle East.

        In order to solve all the problems with the captives and bases of the Wanlong Temple in one step, Charlie wade not only agreed with Wan Breaking Army to meet at the airport in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, early tomorrow morning, but also made contact with Hamid in advance.

        He first told Hamid to be ready to provide a venue for negotiations, and then called the now highly promoted leader of the government army, Saeed.

        Said was now a national hero and a decorated man.

        The bloodless capture of 15,000 soldiers from the Temple of Ten Thousand Dragons had made him famous.

        In addition to this, he has been promoted within the government army and now has a bright future.

        However, he was now worried about the 15,000 soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons.

        The number of prisoners was far beyond the capacity of their prison system, so they had to build a makeshift prison in a mountainous area on the outskirts of the countryside, using marching tents and barbed wire to hold the soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple there.

        However, feeding these 15,000 soldiers was a huge burden for them and it cost a lot of money just to feed them every day.

        On top of that, maintaining this makeshift prison also required a huge amount of manpower and resources, adding to the already somewhat stretched government forces.

        They had originally wanted to talk to Wan Bajun to see if they could get Wan Long Temple to pay a sum of compensation and then hurry up and take these 15,000 prisoners away, but during this period of time, he, Wan Bajun, was either busy seeking revenge on the wade family, or kneeling on Wade Ling Mountain to repent, or busy with his parents’ funeral and the whitewashing mission arranged by Charlie wade, so they were unable to get in touch with Wan Bajun at all.

        Just when he did not know what to do with the 15,000 captives, a phone call came from Charlie wade.

        Said only knew Charlie wade’s surname as Wade, but did not know that Charlie wade was a member of the wade family, so he did not think much of it when he received a call from Charlie wade and asked him very politely, “How come Mr Wade has time to call me?”

        Charlie wade smiled, “Mr. Said, I’m calling to communicate with you about the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.”

        “The Ten Thousand Dragons Hall?” Saiyid instantly became excited and hurriedly asked, “Mr. Wade, do you have any good suggestions regarding the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall? I’m not going to lie, these 15,000 captives have now got me in a tizzy ……”

        Charlie wade smiled, “I just want to communicate with you to settle this matter once and for all, do you see if you have time tomorrow? If your time is OK, we’ll meet at Hamid’s base and talk about this matter properly.”