The Real Dragon Chapter 3625

        Charlie wade looked at Said and asked with a smile, “Said, did you hear what I said? The Ten Thousand Dragons Hall is ready to completely cleanse itself next, so as long as he is in your country, he will definitely work with you, if he works with the opposition, he is going against the law, something that the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall would never bother to do.”

        He said, Charlie wade added: “And I’ll be honest, of these opposition factions, apart from Hamid who is still doing well, which of the others are not tightening their belts and struggling to make ends meet? The Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons has a revenue of over ten billion dollars a year, what do you think this group of oppositionists will get to employ them?”

        Hearing this, Saiyid was already half convinced.

        However, out of the principle underlying the negotiations, he still wanted to hold out a little longer and not show a sign of great satisfaction so early, so that he could at least fight for other benefits again.

        So, he said to Charlie wade, “Mr Wade, I think that just these conditions are not enough for us to give out a hundred square kilometres of land to the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, not to mention that the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple still has fifteen thousand captives in our hands now.”

        Charlie wade nodded his head and waved his big hand, saying, “Said, you don’t need to play psychological warfare here either, I have called everyone together to talk about this matter because I hope that we can open our hearts and discuss a solution that is beneficial to each other properly and honestly, not to satisfy one party alone.”

        When he said this, Charlie wade added: “After leaving this room, I hope that you, as well as Wan Breaking Army and Hamid, can each gain something. What Hamid wants is stable development, what Wan Long Temple wants is a rear base, and what you want is to reduce one strong enemy and increase one ally.”

        Saiyid subconsciously asked, “Mr. Wade, why not add two allies?”

        Charlie wade laughed, “Then you have to see how Hamid thinks.”

        Hamid laughed at this time and spoke, “What I want is to stay in the well with them, so that we don’t interfere or attack each other, and at the same time, I have to remain in the opposition camp, otherwise if I change my nature straight away, the team below me will definitely not be so well led.”

        Charlie wade nodded and smiled, “In that case, old brother, you are apparently opposing, but actually neutral.”

        “That’s right that’s right.” Hamid laughed, “I’m not going to lie to you, old brother wade, after being nudged by you at first, I’m now addicted to digging caves and don’t want to fight at all!”

        Charlie wade looked at Said and said with a smile, “Look, isn’t this good too?”

        Sayid pursed his lips in silence for a moment and then asked, “What about the captives?”

        Charlie wade smiled, “This is simple, Wan Long Temple pays you a compensation of ten thousand dollars per person, fifteen thousand people, that is one hundred and fifty million dollars, with this money, it is enough for you to expand the size of your army properly, and at the same time upgrade the weapons and equipment of your army again.”

        Before, Wan Bajun even thought that this matter would require more than one billion US dollars to be settled, but he did not expect that Charlie wade would only promise the other party 150 million US dollars at the first time he opened his mouth.

        He also knew that Wan Long Temple was very rich and had been thinking that he could take this opportunity to make a big deal out of it, but the amount of US$150 million was not much, but it was not much at all.

        So he coughed twice and said, “Mr. Wade, isn’t 150 million dollars a little less? In addition, if we are to give 100 square kilometres of land to the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, the Temple must at least pay some rent, right? Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to explain to the people ……”

        Charlie wade said generously, “Let’s do it this way Sayid, you go back and talk to your leaders, in addition to this US$150 million in compensation, after you allocate the land to Wan Long Temple, Wan Long Temple will settle another 100,000 tons of wheat for you every year! Isn’t it too convenient for you to buy grain? I happen to have my own shipping company, when the time comes, I will purchase the grain in China and deliver and service it directly to your port for you.”

        Charlie wade knew that for Said, as well as their leaders, the problem at hand was more than war, but more than basic livelihood.

        Originally, they were the only food exporter in the Middle East, but the ongoing war had led to a steady decline in their food production, and the shortage of food had become a big problem for them.

        The cost of 100,000 tonnes of wheat is just over 200 million RMB, which translates into less than 40 million USD, but for them, going overseas to import grain is not the same price.

        Besides, they are in a very bad financial situation, and giving them a solution of 100,000 tonnes of wheat a year would really be of great use to them, and feeding over 200,000 people would not be a problem.

        After running through all the conditions in his mind, Said had already made his own judgement deep inside. He felt that the deal was a very good deal, and that it was definitely a good thing for his side to not only get a substantial benefit, but also to have an additional powerful ally.

        Moreover, he knew very well that he was able to capture those 10,000 soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, and it was not because he was so strong, but because he relied entirely on Charlie wade’s help.

        Therefore, at this time, he was too embarra*sed to continue bargaining with Charlie wade, so he spoke, “Mr. Wade, I need to ask the leader for instructions, if the leader is okay with it, this matter is settled!”