The Real Dragon Chapter 3641

        Jimmy was previously only able to see a blurred outline, but now he could see things with a certain degree of clarity and brightness.

        And his physical function indicators have indeed improved greatly. Before, he was in a dying state, but now, basically, his life is no longer in danger.

        That attending doctor then called the couple out of the ward and said in a very puzzled manner, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith, although I don’t know exactly what it’s because of at this time, based on Jimmy’s current a*sessment of his physical indicators, he is now temporarily out of life-threatening condition and we may also have a more optimistic a*sessment of the rest of his life cycle. “

        He said, a little confused himself, holding his chin, “This whole thing is just too much for me to figure out, just ten minutes ago when I tested him, I speculated that he only had no more than 24 hours left to live, but now, the whole body has taken a big step forward across the board, and as long as the cancer doesn’t spread too fast in the next few days, then he shouldn’t be in life threatening.”

        Jenny held up the Jiu Xuan rejuvenation pill in her hand and spoke, “I just gave this to Jimmy a few minutes ago.”

        “What is this?” The attending doctor looked at the box of Jiu Xuan Zhen Zhen Pills with surprise and asked politely, “Mrs. Smith, may I see that box in your hand?”

        Jenny hesitated for a moment, but handed over the box of pills.

        However, she kept her eyes firmly fixed on the box of pills, fearing that this attending doctor would say that he was going to take this box of pills for some kind of research.

        For now, she was already very sure that this box of medicine was the only hope to save her son.

        The attending doctor took the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills, looked at them back and forth, and said awkwardly, “Is this …… a medicine?! This description is too hastily and loosely stated, isn’t it?”

        Saying that, he looked at Smith and asked suspiciously, “Shouldn’t he write down exactly what cancers he applies to? And, if he’s a targeted drug, shouldn’t he write about his relevant genetic targets?”

        Smith finally heard the same point of view as his own and agreed in quick succession, “Yes! I think exactly the same as you! The instructions for this drug are a joke in medicine! Oh no! It’s a disaster for the field of medicine!”

        Jenny was furious and shouted angrily, “Smith, that’s enough! You do realise that your son has just been pronounced out of danger, and the drug that took your son out of life, out of danger, is this, the drug you think it’s a joke!”

        At this point, Jenny became even more agitated, “Instead of being half grateful, you mock it and question it in such an arrogant tone! If you continue this arrogant to the core attitude next, then please get out of my sight!”

        Smith hastily apologised, “I’m sorry Jenny, that’s not what I meant, I meant to say that although I can’t figure out what kind of drug he is either, you do have to admit that the way he wrote that description, it does seem a bit too sloppy too, doesn’t it?”

        “Sloppy?” Jenny sneered, “The reason people don’t say what kind of cancer it’s for is probably because it’s for all cancers! Unlike those cancer drugs you’ve been researching, where one drug can only treat a measly one or a handful.”

        With that, she added, “And! The reason people don’t say what gene target it belongs to is probably because he doesn’t need a gene target at all!”

        “Do you guys think that whatever targeted drug you’re researching is really powerful? With your kind of medicine, only patients who find a genetic target have the chance to take the targeted medicine you’re researching, and if he doesn’t have that target in his genes, then this targeted medicine won’t be half as effective for him!”

        “But look at this drug, there’s no need to find any target at all! It works immediately when you take it directly, much better than you guys!”

        Speaking here, she continued, “Moreover, they also say here that it can quickly help the body recover its vital energy! In Chinese, isn’t vital energy the root of a person?”

        “Look at Jimmy’s state now again, he’s so much stronger than he was ten minutes ago, isn’t that a sign that his vital energy has been restored?!”

        “Facts speak louder than words, how dare you all continue to question it?!”