The Real Dragon Chapter 3642

At this point, not only Smith, but also the doctor in charge, was a little ashamed to be reprimanded by Jenny.

        He looked at the medicine carefully and said, “Can I take one for testing?”

        “Don’t you dare!” Jenny snatched the medicine back and blurted out, “This is my son’s life-saving medicine, no one can take it away!”

        Seeing that the medicine was snatched back, the attending doctor hurriedly explained, “Mrs Smith, don’t get me wrong, I want to test the ingredients of this medicine to see what’s so special about it, and by the way, analyse whether Jimmy’s improvement is caused by this medicine or not, since it’s science, we must be more rigorous, don’t you think? “

        Jenny said with an angry expression, “I said get out of here! I’m getting sick and tired of the faces of you so-called science people! You still don’t believe the facts when they are right in front of you! Is so-called science any more convincing than reality?”

        With that, she immediately turned around and went back to the ward.

        Smith and the attending doctor hurried in after her, only to see Jimmy, by now, struggling to sit up slightly.

        Jenny had walked quickly up to her son and asked with concern, “Jimmy, how are you feeling now?”

        Jimmy spoke, “My body feels easier than before, and I have some strength, but I can still see very blurry, and the feeling that I was getting better just now is gone.”

        Jenny said, “Don’t worry Jimmy, it’s probably because the medicine has run out of effect, wait until tomorrow and mum will give you another pill, I’m sure your condition will continue to improve!”

        Jimmy asked with some excitement, “Mum, am I going to get better soon?”

        Jenny cried tears of joy and hugged her son’s head. Choking back a sob, she said, “Yes Jimmy, you’re almost better!”

        Jimmy said with a happy face too, “Then when I get better, I’m going to play baseball! Gonna go on the roller coaster! And go to the marine park!”

        Without hesitation, Jenny said, “Yes! Whatever you want to do, mummy will go with you then!”

        Smith was in tears and subconsciously asked the doctor beside him, “Is that medicine really working?”

        The attending doctor said with a blank expression, “I …… can’t be sure …… but judging from my experience, the treatment options we’ve used on Jimmy really couldn’t have produced such an effect, so using the elimination method to see, then the odds are that this drug is the one that works.”

        “HolyMotherf*c-ker!” cursed Smith, full of shock, as he ripped his tie off and blurted out, “Looks like the Chinese are going to shock the world this time …… “

        After saying that, he immediately took out his mobile phone and called the PR manager who had arranged his meeting with Liam.

        When the call was answered, the first thing he said was, “I want Liam’s contact information, immediately, right away!”

        Although surprised, the other party immediately agreed and said, “Just a moment Mr Smith, I’ll send you his contact details.”

        Soon, Smith was given a series of phone numbers starting with +86.

        Without a second thought, he called Liam directly.

        At this moment, Liam had just finished checking into his hotel in downtown Washington, D.C., and was about to continue his search for information on celebrities in the United States who had gone public with their cancer news.

        Suddenly, he received a call from an unfamiliar number.

        Liam hesitated for a moment, but pressed the answer button.

        Immediately, Smith’s voice came over the phone, “Hello Mr Liam, this is James Smith!”

        Liam frowned and asked him, “What can I do for you, Mr. Smith?”

        Smith said stiffly, “Mr. Liam, it’s like this, I gave my son the medicine you gave me, and now the child’s effect has improved significantly, so I want to ask you, if I take one a day, how much improvement can the child’s situation have, and also is this medicine a complete cure for cancer or not?”