The Real Dragon Chapter 3644

After hearing Charlie wade’s words, Liam was enlightened.

        He hurriedly said with a smile, “Master Wade, you are still the most resourceful in dealing with such people! If I leave now, I think this Smith will definitely come after China!”

        Charlie wade laughed: “Come if you want to, but don’t treat him well when he comes, and if he comes to meet you, don’t take care of him either.”

        He said, “Right, didn’t you find a public relations company and spend a lot of money to meet him?

        Liam laughed, “Master Wade, we don’t have such a company in Aurous Hill.”

        Charlie wade laughed, “It doesn’t matter, just let Don Albert come out for a part-time job.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added, “How much did you spend to meet that Smith?”

        Liam was busy saying, “Fifty thousand dollars.”

        Charlie wade then said, “Good, when the time comes, if he finds his way to Aurous Hill, let him ask you out through Don Albert, then I will ask Don Albert to quote him a price of five million dollars, and he will have to come up with five million dollars in exchange for a chance to meet you for dinner.”

        Liam subconsciously said, “Master Wade, I feel that Smith’s financial situation shouldn’t be very good, he definitely can’t take out that much money.”

        Charlie wade smiled blandly and spoke, “Don’t worry, when he comes to China to look for you, he won’t just be here for his son alone, he must be here on behalf of the entire FDA, by then the FDA will definitely pay for this part of the funding for him.”

        It was only then that Liam came to his senses and said with a self-deprecating smile, “It seems my eyesight is still too narrow, you are right, as long as his son has taken the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills, it would be the same as the entire American medical system knowing about it, I am afraid it would be a big news sensation across the United States!”

        Charlie wade laughed: “Of course the more sensational this kind of thing is, the greater the influence, the greater the fame of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical.”

        After saying that, Charlie wade added, “Alright, just listen to me and hurry up and come back.”

        “Okay Master Wade!”

        Liam hung up the phone, only to find that he already had 11 missed calls on his phone at this point.

        All of these missed calls, without exception, were from Smith.

        Seeing so many missed calls, Liam already understood in his heart that this Smith, had been completely taken in by the Jiu Xuan Recycle Pill.

        However, he did not call Smith back, but grabbed the time to pack his luggage and prepare to leave.

        At this time, Smith’s phone call came again.

        Liam smiled, picked up the phone and asked in a somewhat impatient tone, “Mr. Smith, do you have anything else?”

        Smith hurriedly said, “Mr. Liam, I am trying to make amends with you!”

        “No need.” Liam said ungratefully, “You are the head of the FDA and in charge of the power of life and death of all drugs in the United States, so why do you need to make apologies to a nobody like me?”

        Smith was embarra*sed and said, “It’s my fault Mr. Liam, I was too ignorant, I just want to apologize to you in person now, I don’t know which hotel you are staying in ……”

        Liam said indifferently, “Apology is not necessary, to be honest, I do not want to see you now either, I do not know if you have heard of it, we have an old saying in China, called eyes not seeing, heart not bothering.”

        Smith’s face was on fire and he said with a smile, “Mr. Liam, it’s true that I had a bad attitude before, I’m really sorry ……”

        He said, he cheekily asked, “Mr. Liam, I know you don’t want to see me now, but can you please give me the other box of Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills? My son may be depending on this medicine to save his life ……”

        Liam did not answer his question, but asked him, “How is your son’s condition?”

        Smith was busy saying, “There has been a significant improvement, the doctor said that he is temporarily out of life threatening condition.”

        Liam asked, “How many pills did you give him?”