The Real Dragon Chapter 3648

Soon after, young Jimmy was wheeled along with the doctors and nurses to the nuclear medicine centre.

        After being injected with a contrast agent, he was then taken into the CT room for a full scan.

        Half an hour later, the scan results came back and a large group of doctors gathered around the computer to look at Jimmy’s latest CT images.

        The attending doctor simultaneously opened the images from half a month ago and, after comparing them, exclaimed, “This is unbelievable too! The large number of lesions in Jimmy’s body have actually shrunk substantially!”

        As Jimmy’s cancer had reached the end stage, there had long been multiple metastases, with tumour lesions in the lymph, bones, liver, and lungs, all of which were not small in size.

        The largest of these were already the size of a baby’s fist.

        Moreover, as treatment was exhausted, Jimmy’s cancer cells were spreading faster and faster, and the tumours were growing.

        Normally by trend, after half a month’s time, the tumours must have grown relatively larger again.

        And now, instead of increasing in size, these lesions were all getting smaller!

        In particular, the huge tumour inside the skull, which had previously compressed the visual and auditory nerves, had shrunk by one millimetre in diameter!

        Don’t underestimate this millimetre, because it was this millimetre that was compressing the nerves.

        The doctors were in a frenzy!

        Matthew, the previous pharmacist, exclaimed, “What the f*ck are we researching for an anti-cancer drug, this is the best f*cking anti-cancer drug in the world!”

        The attending doctor on the sidelines couldn’t help but exclaim, “Yeah! This drug is such a good treatment for cancer, if it really covers the whole world, we oncology specialists can be laid off.”

        Smith was also completely convinced!

        He really couldn’t understand why, traditional Chinese medicine was so powerfully effective.

        At this moment, Jimmy’s mother hurriedly took out another pill and said excitedly, “It’s time to take the third one!”

        The crowd snapped back to attention and hurriedly urged, “Hurry! Let’s see what other miracles will happen when the third pill is taken!”

        This night, the entire Mayo Centre’s doctors had volunteered to work overnight at the hospital.

        Even if there was nothing at all for them to do, they were reluctant to leave.

        Because they knew that they were witnessing a medical miracle.

        Jimmy, who was studied by a large group of top doctors, as if he were an alien, did live up to expectations.

        Every time he took a Jiu Xuan Zai Zai pill, the tumour in his body would undergo a substantial shrinkage, a shrinkage that was literally visible to the naked eye on the video material.

        Moreover, his physical quality was indeed improving by leaps and bounds.

        Just like what the packaging of the Nine Mysterious Reclamation Pills said, his vital energy, was rapidly restored.

        After taking seven pills, he was able to sit up on his own and walk down to the ground with a staggering gait.

        Jimmy, however, had been bedridden for a full year as he had previously had bone metastases from his cancer for over a year, particularly in the leg bones of both legs.

        To walk again after a year, even if it was only with difficulty for a dozen metres, was a miracle of miracles in the eyes of these specialist doctors.

        This had never happened before in their medical history. It was as if they had never seen any paraplegic patient who was able to walk on the ground again.

        Smith and his wife were so excited that they stayed up all night.

        His wife Jenny, on the other hand, was not only excited and thrilled, but also vaguely worried.

        So she couldn’t help but ask Smith, “Honey, you must find a way to get another box of Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills for Jim today, I see his current trend, if he takes one more box, he should be able to go home to recuperate!”

        At this point, she couldn’t help but choke up again, “Jimmy hasn’t slept at home for three years ……”

        As Jimmy had long since entered the critical stage, he had never been out of 24-hour hospital supervision, and even when he went to Europe for treatment, he left directly from the hospital to the airport and then flew directly to Europe on a special medical charter flight.

        So, as far as Jenny was concerned, she was keen to get her son home.

        And as far as she was concerned, as long as she could still follow up and ensure that her son could be 8htake the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills, he could be completely free from the hospital and recover properly at home.