The Real Dragon Chapter 3649

        After all, in her eyes, the Jiu Xuan Zhen Zhen Pills were now far more credible than the hospital.

        It was a sleepless night at the Mayo Centre.

        The story of Jimmy and the miracle of the Jiu Xuan Zhen Zhen Pill had spread rapidly from here to the medical system across the United States.

        By dawn, almost all of America’s top hospitals, medical research institutions, and pharmaceutical research companies had heard the shocking news.

        Only, so far they had only heard the rumours and had not yet seen the perfect information, so everyone was still sceptical.

        After all, cancer has been attacked for so many years, and no one has managed to save the terminally ill. Once terminal cancer is cured, it means that cancer has been truly conquered!

        After the night’s experience, Smith had completely changed all his previous opinions and was eager to find Liam and kowtow to him, slap himself a few times, and then ask him for more Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills.

        He looked at the time and saw that it was already six o’clock in the morning, so he muttered, “I reckon Mr Liam should be awake too, I’ll give him a call now!”

        Saying this, he immediately took out his mobile phone and dialled Liam.

        Like last night, Liam’s phone still showed that it was switched off.

        He put down the phone and said with some embarra*sment, “That Mr Liam’s phone is still switched off, I reckon he might have been angry with me yesterday.”

        Jenny said in exasperation, “Anyone else would have been angry with you, people came from far and wide to send you such good medicine, and you had the insensitivity to put someone else in a sarcastic dig, if it were me, I would have added your number to the blacklist straight away!”

        “Sh*t ……” Smith said in a sudden panic, “He didn’t really blacklist me did he?”

        Jenny was also anxious and asked, “What then?! Jimmy’s subsequent treatment and recovery will all depend on this medicine!”

        Smith stroked his chin and paced back and forth, the more he thought about it, the more anxious he became.

        He was most afraid that Liam would stop talking to him in a fit of anger, in which case there would be no possibility of his son getting the medicine afterwards.

        So he hurriedly said, “I’ll ask my friends at the police station to help me out, see if I can find out which hotel he’s staying at, and I’ll go to his door and apologise to him personally!”

        Jenny also felt that this was the only solution, so she said, “I’ll go with you then!”

        Smith said, “Don’t go, Jimmy will be anxious if he wakes up and doesn’t see us, just stay here with her, besides, our daughter needs looking after.”

        Jenny looked at her sleeping little daughter on the sofa next to her and helplessly admonished, “Then when you go to the door to apologize, you must put away your usual condescending posture, not to mention flaunting your so-called expertise in front of others, you must use the most humble and humble attitude to beg forgiveness from the other party, got it?”

        “Understood ……” Smith said without thinking, “I swear to God I will never again have any contempt for traditional Oriental medicine ……”

        Jenny added, “By the way! I’ve heard that the heaviest etiquette among the Chinese is to get down on both knees! You’d better get on your knees and beg for forgiveness the moment you see the other person!”

        Smith’s expression was depressed to the core and he grumbled offhandedly, “HolySh*t! Jenny, you’re such a good wife to me! How dare you make me kneel for someone else!”

        Jenny said coldly, “What’s wrong with making you kneel to someone else when they saved your son’s life? I’m telling you, if Jimmy doesn’t get the follow-up treatment medicine because of you, I will definitely divorce you because I’ve had enough of living with hopeless people like you!”

        Smith said woefully, “All right, all right! Whatever you say, I’ll do it! When I meet, Liam will be on his knees first thing!”

        Jenny hastily added, “Right, kneel all the way down, don’t forget to kowtow again, I see this ritual is popular in China!”