The Real Dragon Chapter 3651

At that moment, the door of the next room pushed open, and a sturdy man with a bare upper body cursed angrily: “Are you f*cking looking for death? Why are you knocking in the early morning? If you don’t believe me, I’ll smash your brains out!”

Faced with this typical cowboy style bearded man, Smith could only apologise, “Sorry, sorry, I’ll keep my voice down, I’ll keep my voice down ……”

The burly man pointed at him and said through clenched teeth, “Keep your voice down? From now on, if you make any more noise, I’ll beat the sh*t out of you!”

Smith kept his mouth shut and kept reaching out to salute with a coy expression.

The other man let him go and turned around and went back to his room.

Smith had no choice but to sit cross-legged at Liam’s door, muttering in his mind, “I can’t knock and call, but I can sit here and wait for Liam, right? I don’t believe Liam can avoid me and not come out for breakfast? This is the twenty-second f*cking floor, and he certainly can’t climb through the window to escape ……”

With his mind made up, Smith sat and waited at the door of Liam’s room, not daring to let up even though his stomach was rumbling with hunger.

In the meantime, while he sat, he kept calling Liam with his mobile phone, but what a pity, no matter how he called the other party, the phone was always switched off.

During this time he also asked the hotel attendant to call Liam’s guest room, but the response he received was still no answer.

Smith waited until noon, when Liam’s plane finally landed at Aurous Hill Airport in the night.

There was a 12-hour time difference between the two places, so it was already 12am in Aurous Hill.

After landing, Liam immediately turned on his mobile phone. He wanted to send a message to Charlie wade, but once he thought about the late hour, he didn’t bother.

Just before the plane stopped, his mobile phone suddenly rang, and the call, it was from Smith.

At this time, Smith had been sitting at the door of Liam’s room for four hours and had made hundreds of phone calls, but was completely unaware that Liam had already returned to China, ten thousand miles away.

Liam picked up the phone and asked in a cold tone, “Mr. Smith, why are you calling me again?”

Smith stood up with a start and said excitedly, “Mr. Liam, Mr. Liam I’m sorry! I apologise for everything I did and said before, I am now at the door of your room, please open the door and let me say sorry to you face to face!”

At this moment, Smith was already prepared, once Liam opened the door to his room, he himself would first kneel down to him without saying a word.

Liam was surprised at this point and asked, “What room door?”

Smith said off the cuff: “It’s your room door, Hilton Hotel 2208, I’m at the door, I’ve been waiting for you at the door all morning, Mr. Liam, please open the door, let me apologize to you face to face!”

Liam smiled and said, “But I’m not at the Hilton Hotel, I’ve already gone back to China.”

“What?!” Smith was dumbfounded and said offhandedly, “Mr. Liam you better not joke with me, didn’t you just come to America? Why are you back in China again?”

Liam grinned and said, “I was going to the United States on business, and I mainly wanted to ask Mr. Smith to help me solve the problem of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical’s difficulty in listing its drugs in the United States, but as you know, you rejected me. I’ll just have to come back to my boss to resume my duties.”

“No ……” Smith thought Liam was playing a trick on him and said quickly, “Mr Liam, I know you must be particularly angry with me in your heart, and I do feel a million apologies! You are right, I am indeed a frog at the bottom of the well, I have now realised my own mistakes, I have no problem with you beating me up or scolding me, I just beg you not to treat me like this kind of person and give me a chance to correct my mistakes ……”