The Real Dragon Chapter 3654

Smith was indeed having a hard time.

        Liam’s veiled humiliation just now had trampled his self-esteem to nothing.

        But even so, he hadn’t been able to get any more of the Jiu Xuan Reclamation Pills.

        Face did not matter, but the safety of his son’s life was the most important.

        So Smith immediately made the decision to leave for China and kowtow before Liam to get the medicine back.

        He immediately got up and left the hotel, and at the same time called his wife and said, “Jenny, Liam went back to China last night, take care of Jimmy, I’ll go home and get my pa*sport and go to China to see him!”

        Jenny said, “Don’t worry, the reason he went back last night must be to avoid you, if you go to the door this morning, they won’t see you.”

        “What about ……” said Smith, blaming himself immensely, “If I don’t go and beg him, Jimmy will be even less likely to get the follow-up medicine ……”

        Jenny blurted out, “How could you be so stupid …… Think about it, what exactly did he come all the way to America to find you for?”

        Smith was busy saying, “He wants me to help him speed up the launch of the drug in the US ……”

        Jenny immediately said, “Then you should help him to finish the matter first, and then go to see him, so that you can also be considered somewhat sincere, otherwise, if I were him, I would never see you again after being angered by your so arrogant attitude before!”

        Smith then came back to his senses and said off the top of his head, “I see what you mean, I’ll go to the FDA and give them a special approval for the Jiu Xuan Stomach San before!”

        That was a relief to Jenny.

        Smith asked her, “How’s Jimmy’s condition?”

        Jenny spoke up, “Stable, but not getting any better, and the doctors say that if the tumour doesn’t continue to work without the special medicine, it’s likely to come back.”

        Smith knew in his heart of hearts that treating cancer was not like building a building, even if work stopped halfway, progress would only stall and not regress.

        Rather, treating cancer is like storing water in a pool that is constantly flowing.

        Only if the rate of water storage is greater than the rate of water flow can we ensure that people live.

        If the accumulation of water suddenly stops, the water in the pool must be getting smaller and smaller.

        So, Smith said anxiously, “I’ll go to the FDA now and get my business done first, then I’ll book the earliest flight to China!”

        “Good!” Jenny instructed, “Honey, for Jimmy’s sake, you must do everything you can to get that Mr. Liam to promise you and give you some more medicine!”

        “I know ……” Smith responded and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to get it.”

        After hanging up the phone, Smith immediately drove then headed to the FDA headquarters where he worked.

        Giving the green light to Jiu Xuan Stomach San was not a difficult task for him.

        Although the FDA claimed to be a very neutral and impartial scientific research agency, they actually had a lot of unseemly grey dealings.

        Over the years, the FDA has been selectively lax on a number of drugs and medical devices, either by pharmaceutical companies controlled by big money or by companies with inextricable ties to the FDA.

        In Smith’s capacity, he has no problem letting go of sensitive prescription drugs, let alone over-the-counter drugs like Jiu Xuan Gastric San, which are so common that they can be sold in pharmacies at will.

        The only reason he had held off on approving it was because he was resistant to traditional Eastern medicine, and always felt that it was all dross.

        But now, he couldn’t care less about that.

        No matter whether Jiu Xuan Stomach San was good or bad, he had to pa*s the approval process for Jiu Xuan Stomach San immediately, as a gesture of goodwill to Liam.

        Only then would he have a chance to get back on Liam’s bandwagon.

        At this juncture, the Jiu Xuan Zai Zhan Pills were extremely meaningful to him.

        In the smallest sense, it could save his son’s life.

        On a larger scale, it could become a hero to the American medical system.

        After all, whoever introduced this miraculous and potent medicine to the United States would be the object of the people’s gratitude.

        So, the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pill, he was determined to win.