The Real Dragon Chapter 3658

After Charlie wade rushed back from the Middle East last night, he didn’t leave the house all day today.

        As it happened to be Saturday, Claire did not go to the office, so the couple reorganised the family’s small vegetable garden.

        His mother-in-law, Elaine, was also on crutches, but because her legs were not convenient, she could not help much.

        The two of them worked all day until it was dark before they finally got the garden ready.

        Claire picked some fresh bean curd and offered to make Charlie wade a bean curd noodle stew.

        She was a southern girl who didn’t know how to make this kind of northern noodle dish, but she had only found other people’s tutorials on short video platforms, and the beans in her own garden had just ripened, so she thought she would show Charlie wade how to make it.

        So, Claire dragged her mother Elaine with her to work in the kitchen, while Charlie wade stayed in the small vegetable garden, putting together the tools for the day.

        At this time, Don Albert’s phone call came.

        As soon as the call came through, Don Albert spoke respectfully, “Master wade, I heard from Liam that you’ve introduced me to an agency job?”

        “Yes.” Charlie wade smiled, “Did he tell you?”

        “Said ……” Don Albert smiled heatedly and said, “He said it was a foreigner who wanted to invite him to dinner, then asked me to be an intermediary and charge that foreigner five million dollars, saying that he was afraid that he remembered it wrongly, so he came to confirm it with you. “

        Charlie wade casually laughed, “He didn’t remember wrong, when that foreigner finds you, you tell him that he wants to ask Liam to dinner, first take five million dollars to you.”

        Don Albert was surprised and said, “You really want five million dollars, huh? The other party won’t think that I’m here to rip people off, right?”

        Charlie wade laughed, “It’s fine, just tell him that the offer is five million dollars today, and then it will increase by one million dollars every day that pa*ses, and let him think about it himself.”

        Don Albert guessed from Charlie wade’s tone of voice that Charlie wade was definitely going to fix someone again, so he hurriedly said, “Okay Master wade, I remember, I will transfer it to you as soon as the other party pays.”

        Charlie wade said, “No need, you and Liam can split this money in half each, consider it as pocket money.”

        Don Albert hurriedly said, “How can I do that …… I, Don Albert, owe my life to you, Master wade, I can’t take anyone’s money but yours ……”

        Charlie wade laughed: “You are my subordinate, if you don’t take my money, whose money can you take?”

        With one sentence, the question caused Don Albert to be at a loss for how to answer.

        Charlie wade said casually at this time, “You two usually worry a lot, so this money is a small token of appreciation for you guys, so there is no need to be polite with me.

        Don Albert hurriedly said gratefully, “I understand, thank you Master wade!”

        Charlie wade gave a hint and instructed him again, “Once the other party has paid, you should arrange his accommodation in the meantime, and put him in the Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace Hotel.”

        Don Albert asked, “Master wade, what if he doesn’t pay today?”

        Charlie wade smiled and said, “No, he will definitely pay today.”

        Don Albert then said, “Okay Master wade, then I will make the arrangements.”


        On the other hand, Smith spent time at the entrance of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical until it was dark, but he couldn’t get Liam’s phone number through.

        With no choice but to drag his exhausted body, he could only stop a taxi again and ask the other party to take him to that Tian Xiang House that the security guards talked about.

        After arriving at the Tian Xiang Mansion, he explained his intention and was invited to the top floor of the Tian Xiang Mansion by the waiter who greeted him at the entrance.

        The top floor of the Tian Xiang Mansion was also extremely well-decorated like the private rooms below.

        However, the top floor is Don Albert’s personal turf, and his tea room alone, which is mainly for drinking tea, is nearly 100 square metres, with extremely luxurious surroundings and conditions that cannot be compared to a dog farm.

        Don Albert usually treats this place as his own office, and he stays here as long as he is not away on business.

        Smith was brought to Don Albert’s tea room and as soon as he saw the jaded Don Albert, he hurried up to him and said politely, “Hello Mr. Albert! My name is James Smith, from Washington, USA!”

        Don Albert shook his hand and invited him to sit down across the sea of tea, smiling, “Mr. Smith please sit down, try some of our Chinese tea!”

        Smith hurriedly sat down and took the tea handed over by Don Albert, not bothering to taste it, he said impatiently, “Mr. Albert, I would like to ask you to help me make an appointment with Liam, the president of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals, I wonder if it’s convenient for you?”