The Real Dragon Chapter 3661

        Otherwise, given his situation, it would have been difficult for him to take out five million dollars in such a short period of time with alacrity.

        Don Albert added: “Oh yes Master Wade, that Smith also said that the Jiu Xuan Stomach San had been approved for listing in the United States, saying that some kind of confirmation letter would be issued soon.”

        Charlie wade smiled faintly and said, “As expected.”

        With that, he then said to Don Albert, “Don Albert, tell Smith tomorrow morning that General Liam has decided to meet him and ask him to come to the banquet at Tian Xiang House at noon tomorrow, and I will attend with Liam at that time.”

        “Good!” Don Albert said respectfully, “I’ll have someone prepare the diamond box in advance, so there will be no external guests tomorrow.”

        Charlie wade instructed, “Make an appointment with Liam as well, if he’s not available tomorrow at noon then make an appointment for tomorrow night, I’m free at noon and night anyway.”



        This night, Smith almost stayed up all night.

        His greatest fear was that Liam would not be willing to take out more Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills.

        In that case, not only would his son not be saved, but even the Ministry of Health’s hope of cracking this medicine and then getting it manufactured in India would be completely dashed.

        Although this is a cheap solution, he knows in his heart that this is the best solution for the US and for his son if the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills cannot be successfully introduced into the US.

        The reason is that once this drug is cracked successfully, it would mean that his own son would have the opportunity to take this drug for a long time.

        No matter how the Ministry of Health bypa*ses Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical’s patent through India, at least his son will be saved.

        However, all of this was based on Liam’s willingness to give himself some more Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills, and if Liam closed this mouth, there was really nothing that could be done.

        After Smith absentmindedly ate his breakfast, he received a phone call from Don Albert, once the call was made, Don Albert told him, “Mr. Smith, I’ve made an appointment with Mr. Liam, he’ll be available at noon, nothing wrong on your end, right?”

        Smith was overjoyed and said, “No problem for me! Anytime!”

        “Good.” Don Albert then said, “Then wait in front of Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace at twelve o’clock, I’ll also send that man from yesterday to pick you up.”

        Smith was so excited that he said, “Thank you! Thank you, Mr. Albert!”

        At eleven forty-five in the morning, when Charlie wade arrived at Tian Xiang Palace, Don Albert and Liam were already waiting for him here.

        Having received the two and a half million dollars transferred from Don Albert, Liam was also grateful to Charlie wade, and when he saw him enter, he immediately rose and said respectfully, “Master Wade, I am really grateful for the money you asked Master Albert to give me ……”

        Charlie wade waved his hand and said blandly, “A little hard work, it’s due, besides it’s not from me.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade asked Don Albert again, “Did you send someone to pick up that Smith?”

        “Went.” Don Albert hurriedly said, “The appointment with him was at twelve noon, so I guess it will take about twenty minutes to get here.”

        Charlie wade nodded and said to Liam, “When that Smith arrives later, say that I am the operations director of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, I will talk to him about specific matters.”

        Liam nodded respectfully and said, “Okay Master Wade!”

        Charlie wade smiled, “Don’t call me Master Wade for this meal, call me Director Wade, it’s best to change your name now and get used to it.”

        Liam was busy saying, “Okay Master Wade! Oh no, Superintendent Wade!”