The Real Dragon Chapter 3664

The so-called ‘Idon’tgiveash*t’ is actually a foul word in American English, which should probably mean: I don’t f*cking care, or: I f*cking care about your sh*t.

        The reason why Charlie wade chose a foul American phrase was to make his attitude clear to Smith in a simple and brutal way: in front of the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills, you still want to chat about your rules?

        You! Also! deserve!

        When Smith heard these words, he immediately understood Charlie wade’s attitude completely.

        The Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pill was here, although it was a life-saving miracle pill, but when placed in front of the rules, it was a nuclear weapon that could kill God and Buddha.

        Add to that the fact that it was produced in scarce quantities, and that was all the more reason for everyone to beg for it.

        In this case, everything is purely a seller’s market, and the seller is the father.

        So, he could only say with an apologetic face, “Sorry Mr. Wade, it was my poor wording just now ……”

        After saying that, he hurriedly made his attitude clear again, “Don’t worry, we are willing to pay you for the medicine, just don’t know exactly how you priced this medicine yet?”

        Charlie wade laughed: “Since you are the head of the FDA, then you should know that the development cost of many special drugs is very high, so its price is also very expensive ……”

        Speaking here, Charlie wade deliberately digressed and laughed: “Right, I heard that your FDA just approved a special effect drug some time ago, and it costs more than 2 million dollars for one shot? Is there such a thing?”

        “Yes……” Smith wiped a cold sweat and stammered, “That drug is from Novartis, it is a special drug to treat pediatric spinal muscular atrophy.”

        Charlie wade nodded and laughed, “Then our super-effective drug that can cure end-stage cancer must not be priced too low, don’t you think so?”

        Smith was busy saying, “Mr. Wade, that Novartis medicine, the reason why the price is very expensive is because it can be cured with a single injection …… is after all a medicine that needs to be taken for a long time, if the price is set too high, I am afraid no one can afford it ……”

        Charlie wade laughed: “Don’t be afraid, we certainly can’t sell a box of medicine for more than two million dollars, isn’t that a rip-off?”

        Smith was slightly relieved.

        He was really afraid that Charlie wade would ask for a lot.

        At this moment he couldn’t help but mutter in his heart, “If it’s really 2 million dollars a box, then except for the top tycoons with a*sets of several billion dollars or more, I’m afraid no one can afford to take it, after all, there are only seven pills in a box, one pill is 300,000 dollars, if a patient has to take 100 million dollars a year just to take the medicine, he might as well f*cking die ……”

        Charlie wade spoke at this time: “I think, we this medicine, simply a box of one million dollars, this price is quite appropriate.”

        When Smith heard this, he collapsed and said offhandedly, “One million dollars a box, 52 boxes a year …… that means a year’s treatment costs fifty two million dollars, this …… is too expensive ……”

        Charlie wade spread his hands and said, “There is no way, our research and development costs are very high, the production costs are very high, and the production is very small, the end of the year may not be more than 100,000 boxes, selling a million boxes a year, the annual sales is only one billion dollars, is it very high? Your western pharmaceutical company’s sales of a single anti-drug are over ten billion dollars a year, what did I say about you?”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added: “You have to understand, our Eastern traditional medicine, the raw material relies on all kinds of heavenly treasures, unlike your chemical medicine, as long as a molecular formula is developed, it can be put in the production line like the production of plastic cloth, ma*s production.”

        It was true that Charlie wade could not ma*s-produce the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills, or at least he was still far from being able to do so.

        After all, this medicine truly relied on the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill, and he couldn’t just do nothing all day long, just bored at home refining pills.

        So, even if he had the heart to hang on to the world, he simply didn’t have the ability to save everyone.

        Because of this, the production of this medicine was bound to be very small.

        The reason he made this medicine was also not to make money, but to help Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical knock open the doors of the markets of various countries.

        Hearing this, Smith immediately deduced in his mind, “The reason why Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical could not ma*s produce this medicine must be because its own production process level was insufficient, resulting in an inability to break through production!”